Tuesday, January 05, 2010

almost back...

Goodness, what a couple of weeks. All is well. 2009 ended with a lovely trip to visit Savannah, the Frazier clan in Gainesville, and Charleston. Lovely time to spend with my husband, walking around historical sites and playing puzzles with adorable children.

New Years was two parts, the first a fun dinner party with new and old friends, making sushi and enjoying chocolate fondue. The second was a rowdy but small get together at the Tri Professors house. Lots of delicious cocktails, sabering champagne bottles, and epic friendship conversations that only happen after lots of delicious cocktails.

The first was spent in a fog... lots of snuggling on the sofa watching movies (including our wedding movie which reminded me that we agreed to have days of snuggling on the sofa and watching movies).

The second got our tails in gear, and two resolutions checked off the list, with a long trail run with the Trailheads. I want to run longer this year, and on trails more, to enjoy the awesomeness that running can be. (I blame this book). I also want to run with more people, to share this common crazy interest. Saturday was great for both. Trent ran 10 miles, I did 15, and our friend Joel did 20. Lots of cozy times in the car with Becca and Joel's adorable 7 month old Eaden and an amazing brunch afterward to thaw out.

But now, sad of sad, Trent is gone. We are apart for the first time since we got married. Seriously. He left early early this morning to head to Savannah for winter training. He left me a consolation prize of a "kermit the frog" green patagonia synchilla.. but still. Not the same.

I am terribly stressed about the symposium I am hosting this Friday. A year of hard work is about to come to fruition, or come tumbling apart. Wish me luck.

So lots more pictures, stories, and posts after Friday. Happy 2010. 2009 wasn't so shabby.. passing my orals, lots of trips to California, Florida, New York City, Blue Ridge Mountains, and of course the happiest weekend in October. But I still think 2010 will be amazing.