Sunday, April 17, 2011

Introducing.... Porter!

Oh man, we are a two dog family. But it works, as April said, ridiculously well. Here's the story.

We went to the shelter, just to poke around, and immediately saw a little fella named Scamper, who looked literally identical to Pilot, but a tiny Jack Russell. We met him in the play room and... he was sort of a mess. Peeing everywhere, leaping like crazy, never settling down. Last thing we need is more dog energy in this house. So we decided to stroll around and we saw Porter in with another dog, being super playful and lovey.

We decided to meet with him and he was incredible. So sweet and gentle, but very playful. The perfect size (we knew we wanted a small dog, he is 18 pounds now, will probably end up around 25), and 10 months old, so over the true puppy stages. I was pretty smitten, especially with his cuddle-skills.

But we really wanted to get a second to be a friend for Pilot. He absolutely loves other dogs and it was a bit daunting to think of running him every morning and evening to keep him sufficiently tired out without Trent around to help this summer. And he is way less anxious when he has another dog. But we had NO idea how great it would be. We drove back and got Pilot so they could meet on a walk. And they were fantastic. Total buddies. And it was great to see Porter out, not worried about other dogs, grabby toddlers, loud noises. We were pretty convinced to give it a go, but I definitely wanted Trent to meet him. But we found out, there was another person interested in visiting with him, and his kennel-mate had just been adopted. Apparently, Tuesday midday is a big dog adopting day? So we went ahead and put our $2o deposit down, just in case.

Trent came back with April later in the day, with strict instructions to be critical and really only get him if he loved him. And now he is ours.

And it has been ridiculous. Pilot and Porter (we decided not to change his pound name, I mean, what a perfect, alliterative, pair!) are best buddies. They play great, snuggle great (what dogs spoon!?), share toys and meals... everything, right from the start. And Porter is completely potty trained, hasn't chewed a thing, hasn't made a peep, and was terrific with all the toddlers at today's picnic.

And we really think it has already been a great influence on Pilot, as if he somehow knows now to be a big brother. Pilot is learning how to be more gentle while playing (he is about 30 pounds bigger than Porter), and I think he has been jealous of Senor Snuggles being picked up so easily, but he has been just wonderful, so welcoming, and so mellow during the day, just snoozing with his friend.

I woke up in the middle of the night on Tuesday, panicking thinking about our irresponsible decision. And then I looked over to the dog bed and saw two best friends snuggling away and realized that the easiest road isn't always the happiest, and man, I am so happy with them.

Week Recap

What a lovely bestie-visit/stay-cation week. I can't believe how perfect it all was. Unreal. We did Carrboro right!

Monday night- April arrives at 9pm. We get her luggage and get headed home. Trent makes it back from a group meeting and we all sit around and chat after house-tours and Pilot introductions.

Tuesday morning- Walk to breakfast at Weaver Street, of course. Slightly overcast, so we decide to go antiquing first. Drive up to Hillsborough and explore the cute shops. I get a sweet dog painting and we discuss how we've been thinking about getting a second dog. So... we stop by the pound. And oh my goodness... well, we met someone. Someone very special. So a quick drive back to get Pilot and they hit it off fantastically. We put a deposit down, but wait for Trent to meet him. Carrburritos for a late lunch and take a burrito over to Mama Amanda to meet Maxwell. We sit and chat for a good visit. He is doing great, but a hungry bear and she was having some troubles getting him enough food, but enjoyed some company as Stephen was off at his first practice. Home, and then off to campus to pick up Trent and drop me on campus to take a bus to a mandatory LUNA Chix meeting. They head off to the shelter. Long meeting with no text messages had my heart sunk, but got dropped off at Weaver Street where April and Trent were enjoying a beer after their dinner at the Station and the little fella is there. Next post, I promise. We are just the happiest family now!!

Wednesday: April sleeps in and snuggles with pups as I head to a mandatory lab meeting. Home and out to run a few errands, nursing tank tops for Amanda at Target were an especially fun challenge. Lunch at Foster's Market in Durham and then head to the Duke Lemur Center for our tour. The most enthusiastic guide ever showed us all sorts of lemurs (I am filled with fun facts now). I've always wanted to go, but needed a stay-cation friend to go with! It was a gorgeous day so afterward we headed to Duke Gardens to explore the amazing flowers (lots of pictures to come, T took the good camera to the crew race this weekend). Headed back to Carrboro for another Max snuggle session, and then home to bbq on our patio with a dozen or so of our favorite Carrboro folks, to meet April and the new pup. Poor Trent was at a group meeting but joined us as we were enjoying the fire pit and chatting. Fun to introduce April to my dear friends here!

Thursday: I snuck into lab for a little bit while she slept and then home to go on a long hike in the forest with the pups. It was a gorgeous day and it was just like old times, walking and talking with dogs. We never ran out of things to discuss. Saw a few friends in the forest and the pups did great. Even Mr. Tiny-legs! A quick stop by the creek to play and let them cool off before heading home. We walked down to Panzanella for lunch. We decided to capitalize on the great weather and ride bikes out to Maple View dairy. April opted for my old cruiser and was a total champion for the 12 mile ride. The ice cream and views were stellar, and there was a whole truck load of super "Southern" kids there which was a fun people-watching treat. Home, and then off again for a quick visit with Baby Max and to drop off my Mom's lovely baby gift. Then headed to campus to visit Trent at work where he was hosting a very fancy dinner party for work. We saw his fancy office and admired the fancy table settings before heading to Durham to watch a Durham Bulls minor league baseball game. It was dollar hot dog night and we enjoyed cheap beer and only partially paid attention to the game while reminiscing about high school folks. But a lovely night to be outside and ran into a few friends, which was fun. Long day!

Friday: Poor Trent was up super early and off to (hopefully the last) crew race of the season in Tennessee. Up and off to yoga bright, but not as, early. It was April's first yoga class ever, and perhaps choosing my dear (but challenging) instructor Lori was a poor choice, but she stuck with it and did great! We were feeling wholesome so off to Whole Foods for fresh juices and to get groceries for the day. But we just could not resist the classic Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen for a true Southern experience on our way back. Sat on the sofa, snuggling pups, enjoying our juice and biscuits while looking up everyone on Facebook. Awesome. We made my family's world famous pasta salad which I haven't had in years and it brought back so many memories of trips to the sand spit and 24-hour relays. Lots of playing in the yard and gardening. Off to the dog park (new fella loved it!) and then off to meet science friends, Elizabeth, Erin and Mihal for a glass of wine on the Station's patio. Good to chat, but had to dash to make it to our 8pm Lewis Black show on campus at Memorial Hall. He is a UNC alumni and visits every year, bringing other comedian friends along. Two undergrads won a contest to open for him, and then two SNL writers did their routines, and then Lewis Black. A bit rant-y, but that's his schtick, and we agreed with most of his points. Fun evening, especially since we recognized Lutz from 30 Rock. My smooth move? Walking up and just saying "hey, you're on 30 Rock!" Suave.

Saturday: Up and off to Farmer's Market to get our first CSA box. So much collard and kale! Gotta get cracking. Bought a few more plants (no more, I have NO more room!) and then headed to Elmo's for breakfast. Delicious pancakes on what was becoming a very stormy day (Carrboro was totally fine, and it never was that bad here, but yikes, some parts of the state really got hit). Back home and we decided to make cookies to give to neighbors. Fun baking and decorating cookies (with Facebook stalking sessions in between batches). Quick drive around town to drop them with friends, and one last baby snuggle session, before packing up and heading to the airport. We were worried her flight would be affected by the storm, but everything was fine, and Jimmy Carter and his secret service was on her flight and she got to shake his hand. NC is full of famous people :).

All in all, just an incredible week. I can't believe how much we packed in and how well everything worked out (including our new family member!). It was so lovely to be with my dear friend and talk about everything under the stars. She is doing wonderfully and it is so fun to see how people's lives are changing and growing. I am so lucky to count her among so many lovely people in my life.

Trying to get on track, long run with Pilot in the forest this morning, lab to tend to my neglected flies, and then the park with our new pup to celebrate Sheila's birthday. Lots of babies and friends. Trent gets home late tonight and I cannot wait. I miss that fella. Busy week ahead with lots of work and lots and lots of date nights.

Monday, April 11, 2011

April in April!

Darling April comes today! We have a week of antiquing, baseball game watching, good food eating, hiking, berry picking, garden walking, and Lewis Black tickets ahead. I am so absolutely thrilled. Plus lots of baby snuggling and photo shoots.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Sea otters hold hands when they sleep, so they don’t drift away from each other.

happy weekend. stormy weather, snuggly newborn babies (oh max, I am smitten), dates with pilot, lots of gardening adventures tomorrow. but for now, I am just missing my fella. hurry home, love.