Thursday, December 09, 2010

He's even wearing the right outfit...

Check out my mister getting some PR for his recent documentary that aired on our local PBS station. He's even wearing the DFI uniform... khakis and a blue button up!

Read the story and watch the video here.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

It takes a village...

We just figured out Pilot's care over the break... the boarding place we use was all full up! Lucky fella gets lots of visitors over this Christmas holiday.... we owe lotsa people lotsa favors!!

Trent feed 19th morning, and then leaves...
19th evening-23rd morning: Amanda and Stephen with his friend Jersey
23rd evening-25th morning: Hollie and Brendon (neighbors) with his friends Fancy and Friday
25th evening-27th evening: Duronio Family (my boss and his kids!)
28th morning-29th evening: Matt and Alyse (neighbors) with his friend Abby.
We're back late the 29th!!

Lucky lucky fella. Good thing we have lots of good friends!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

For Emily...

Because she really understands the vast underground dolphin conspiracy....

from Mischief Champion

Monday, December 06, 2010

We are all listening to Mumford and Sons right?

Cuz we should be. Perfect winter music.

It is our favorite album for our "music sessions." We currently have a full drum set, a guitar, mandolin and trumpet and lady who thinks she can sing. We blast this album at full volume and play/sing our hearts out. SO great we don't have neighbors...

edit: I really mean "thinks" she can sing. I don't actually claim I can sing at all... but I go for it!

nerd alert

I logged on to to pick out my birthday book with my gift card from Aunt Lucie.

And I ended up buying this (thanks also to an awesome 33% off one item coupon code).

What this means:

1) Hint about my future post-doc plans.
2) I am the worlds biggest nerd because I am so excited to read this textbook cover to cover.
3) I am growing more and more sure of this next step decision!!

dog blog

I am totally that parent, apparently...

Some adorable pictures from the marathon house. It was pretty much the best weekend ever for Pilot as he got to play with his friends, Abby and Sammy, the entire weekend.

A whirlwind of cute red dogs!

With our vacation just around the corner, it is crunch time around here in terms of finishing up work and getting healthy! Trent has his last three final presentations all this week so he was a maniac of group meetings and powerpoint planning. I am fighting off another cold (geez) which hasn't been incapacitating (except for preventing me from doing all the running I am dying to do) but I was ready to be done with it. I also finished up lots of reviews my boss dumped on me (awesome) and worked on my manuscript. But we did have some fun adventures, Deirdre's annual Bob Dylan Christmas party on Saturday as well as one of Trent's cohorts birthday parties. And it snowed! Which is unbelievable. And I did some lovely yoga and wrote lots of Christmas cards. While drinking hot chocolate, naturally.

T loves J. Even when they don't see each other often because they are so busy.

I swear the Subi is happier when it is in snow. It just feels right. Note the newly installed chicken wire above the fence. Somebody figured out he could easily hop the fence. And that is not gonna happen.

This was Pilot's first snow. He wanted to eat it all. And spaz out and run like crazy.

Running fool. We did have a fun outing to the dog park, which is his absolute favorite place.

Cutie patootie. Me and Mr. P spent lots of time together this weekend. He was my surrogate husb.

Mostly we napped together on the sofa. Pretty much 75% of Sunday was spent doing this. Why do I always look so serious when I am sleeping? Good news is I think I've finally kicked this cold.. fingers crossed.

Giant Mr. P. He is an awesome spooner, however. Makes my heart sing.

Remember when he was this tiny morsel? I can't believe my baby weighs 55 pounds now. But he is so so sweet and I love 'em like crazy. And I love Trent. But I am a opportunistic snuggler.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Birthday Swag

In addition to our long hike at the Eno River, a swanky brunch at Watts Grocery and an excellent evening out dancing with friends, I also received a lot of very thoughtful gifts! Hooray for birthdays.

Mom snagged the Bridge and Burn jacket I'd been eyeing for weeks and I now wear it nearly every day (our fishmonger asked me where I got it and just got one herself. I love that we have a fishmonger).

Emily upped my fanciness level about 100 points with lovely Tiffany bead earrings.

And Trent recognized that if he wants to ride his bike again, he'd have to find me a matching one. So he is currently building me a CAAD9. I am thrilled. We're going to be that matching cycling couple... awesome. This isn't my bike, but what it will look like when done.

Additionally, I received an Yvette Hill original ceramic bowl (so cool), a generous REI giftcard from the Johnsons, a Borders gift card from Aunt Lucie (can't wait to pick out my airplane book!), and a very sentimental dandelion plate from April. Lots of little goodies from lab-mates and friends here all leaving me feeling very loved. Thanks to everyone!!

The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation, through choice of action.

- John Dewey

(This quote has been posted up on the wall of the library where I get my morning coffee and has been my mantra of late. Plus, John Dewey is a family favorite)

Print from Etsy artist Tushtush

It is daunting to come back to blogging after letting time slip away. Do I recap every event? Move on and pretend like I wasn't away? Who knows. Just going to write, see what happens.

The last two weeks before my birthday were pretty symbolic of my last year. Amazing highs... including the awesome marathon and all the support I received from friends and loved ones, four fantastic Thanksgiving dinners that reflected all the different "groups" we are fortunate enough to be associated with, a lovely birthday day spent with my men, Trent and Pilot out hiking in nature and then boogie-ing down until the wee hours of the morning with good friends.

And some pretty rough lows... most prominently the passing of my best friend's mother. Suddenly and all too soon, she lost her fight against cervical cancer. I spent a lot of time on the phone with my friend, but couldn't find the words to say to make it better. I felt like a failure, here I am, a cancer biologist... giving fruit flies tumors. I felt stifled by this never-ending degree I am chasing, terribly homesick being so far away, and just down.

But also, like this year in general, I found my way back to the surface. I leaned hard on some good friends (especially Amanda and the lovely ladies of our first Thanksgiving, Becca, Sheila and Rebecca). I threw myself into cooking for my friends and helping co-host a bachelorette party to much success. I ran a lot. I did a lot of yoga. I worked like a mad man on this paper, being SO close to being done with it and so ready to move on to the next chapter. And I started, as I have noticed I tend to do in response to trying times, to make big life decisions. Including pretty conclusively deciding on my post-doc lab. I am a little hesitant to discuss it right now, as it is a fairly big leap and I don't want to jinx myself, but it feels amazingly right (SO many thanks to my friend Calen for making me think about what I would want to do if I could do ANYTHING... and then going for it). And on Saturday night, moments before heading into the bar to dance my birthday night away, I got to tell these plans to my best friend. And I felt like I finally was doing something to help.

But through it all, as always, I had Trent. Despite being insanely busy (I have no idea how he is managing these days), he was there for me. I am quite an extrovert and get energized by being surrounded by people and crowds. Therefore, I often feel that he doesn't get the best of me. It is after the party is over, after the friends have left, that I tend to fall apart. And that's when he is there for me. To talk, to just sit and be sad, to go on long runs with me... he's always there. I am so fortunate.

So here's to my 28th year. May it be slightly more even keeled than last year, please? I am finished tacking and ready for a broad reach.

Monday, November 15, 2010

In case you don't want to read the recap post...

This crazy video Trent made should sum up my race experience...

Jean's OBX Marathon 11-14-10 from Trent Johnson on Vimeo.


Marathon Recap

Oh goodness.. what a great weekend. We headed out with our friend Alyse snuggled in between Abby and Pilot. I was worried they'd want to play the whole ride, but they quickly fell asleep. Easy drive and we made it to the house around 9pm.

The house.. was awesome. Trent coordinated a bunch of friends to stay together so we got an enormous three story beach house, complete with an elevator and 12 rooms. We were on the top floor, which was also the big living room and kitchen. The second floor was all bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, and the first floor was a smaller kitchen/living room and several more rooms.

There were three dogs total, all cute little red puppies. They had SUCH a blast playing all weekend long, Pilot was in heaven. We quickly headed out to the grocery store as folks started arriving. We ended up being about 20 people total but the house was so big it never felt crowded.

Saturday was lovely and lazy. Lots of catching up on cheezy TV, reading, lunch at a local brewery. We picked up our packets and Trent and I had fun being the resident experts on this race (this is the 4th time I have run this race, we know the area!). Home and more lounging and then everyone made their pre-race dinner. Lotsa pasta! I was pretty nervous the night before... with the injury and my busy week I had NO idea how the race would go.

Up early early early to start eating peanut butter toast and coffee. Dressed and out the door by 6:30am. We drove over with a new friend, a MD who works in infectious diseases in Durham. He did the Peace Corps and it was a nice distraction to chat with him on the way over.

And then before you know it... time to run. I had no idea what pacing I should do or was planning on doing, but then dang.. you could set a clock to my miles per hour. 8 minutes per mile, mile after mile after mile. The weather was great, I felt fast, I felt happy. I had an epic runners high at mile 14 and again at mile 20. Usually I start to fade around mile 18, but for some reason, I felt great. I was so happy to see 8:00 pop up on my watch at each mile flag.

And then, mile 23. Blargh. The only hill on the course, and then mile 24 is along a busy road. Demoralizing. But I was really proud of myself. After a little mental math, I knew exactly what I needed to do to get a qualifying time for Boston. And I wanted it. So I dug deep and put one foot in front of the other. I thought of all the wonderful people in my life who have done MUCH harder things than simply running. A girl I used to give riding lessons to decided to have deep brain stimulation to help with jerky motions. Recently she's been posting the most uplifting pictures and comments on facebook. It looks so scary, but her smile is always radiant. I thought a lot about Jana in those last miles.

And then, it was over. I even kicked in the finish! 3:37 final time. 8:17 minute miles for 26.2 miles. I felt pretty rough. Luckily I immediately ran into Alyse (who did a great job with her first half-marathon) who took care of me. I'd seen Trent several times along the course, but he couldn't make it to the finish on time. She helped me hobble along and get wrapped up in my space blanket. Soon Trent showed up and we hung out waiting for other finishers. Everyone finished the race and felt, well... as good as they could for running 26.2 miles for the first time.

Back to the house (where I was SO happy for the elevator) and a quick ice bath (oh man, I was not a happy camper) and a long hot shower. Trent picked up pizzas and we chowed down. Naps for everyone and some people took off in the afternoon. Six of us headed to a cute restaurant for celebratory beers and dinner. Quick house clean up and a great night's sleep. Trent had to be at class at 9am so up early to hit the road... I just slept (best husband ever). I hobbled around at lab for most of the day and have been enjoying the sofa for the evening.

In recap... this race was great. Maybe taking the week completely off due to my injury really helped? Maybe I am just learning how far my body can take me? I honestly enjoyed 22 miles of it. I felt so capable and strong and alive. Runner's highs are amazing, I was dancing and smiling like a fool. And then the last 4.2... they were hard. But I think that is the part of the race that really tests you, when the going isn't so easy and you have to find something inside yourself that wants it. And I was happy I could. Kinda like life, no?

Hobbling around today like crazy, but nothing too significant. Big mistake wearing new shorts for the first time to run 26.2 miles (chafe-age!!) but I should be 100% soon. And I am going to take some time off running to let my body reset itself. Though I am excited about Tobacco Trail in March....
Trent is taking a documentary film class...

So now he is making terrific, dramatic, movies of our lives.

Enjoy our anniversary trip epic preview...

Trent and Jean's Anniversary Adventure from Trent Johnson on Vimeo.

Link here: if the blog cuts off the edges.

Friday, November 12, 2010

HUGE congratulations go out to our dear friends Ben and Stacey who are expecting their first baby in April. We are thrilled for them and can't wait to see them this Christmas. Hooray Davis baby!! It is sure to have some fantastic dance moves and triathlon skills.
Whew. Yesterday was intense. But it ended up being fine. My talk went well, lots of great feedback from my science/life mentor Jean (coincidental name, eh?). It was a fun challenge to present on the fly, but I really enjoyed that I was speaking to a group of people who knew all the background and I could really dig into some data. Sat around and talked science afterward with my boss and Jean, then back to lab, quick bike ride home, grab the Mr. P and drive over to get our first fish CSA pick up.

A) Pilot LOVES riding in the car. He'll get lots of practice with that today, but it is awesome, he gets all snuggled down into his seat and looks out the window, it is too cute.

B) Fish CSA's are terrific. We got 2 pounds of seafood (flounder and shrimp) that were caught yesterday, and then the girl who was running it (who is also in Trent's public health program) gave us some extra soft shell crabs! I've never cooked them before, but am looking forward to it.

Quick drive home to drop of Mr. P and the fish before booking it back to campus to go to a talk. The professor I came here for (and then realized I would not work well with at all) teaches a first year undergraduate seminar about public health, and invited a speaker from Partners in Health to give a lecture. Trent and some of his classmates came along and it was a very interesting, and very sobering, lecture. They are doing amazing work down in Haiti though, despite all the hardships.

We headed back home discussing global politics to grab Mr. P again. We headed over to Amanda and Stephen's for a lovely dinner. Stephen roasted a chicken and made a big pot of pasta to help me carbo load. Pilot and Jersey played like crazy and it was fun to be with our dear friends. They find out today about the gender of this little one, and are SO excited. I am wagering girl, Trent called boy... so one of us will be right! I can't wait to meet this little person!

Finally home and exhausted. Finally got to watch this weeks' Glee and pack for the race. My leg is feeling better, although a little touchy still. I am going to take it minute by minute. I feel like I have done a really good job preparing for this race and would be bummed if it was for nothing, but I do understand that three months of suffering while I heal is not worth three hours of running on Sunday. So we'll see... and I signed up for the Tobacco Trail Marathon in March so if I do drop out, I will have that to look forward to!!

Anyways.. we are leaving this afternoon and I am looking forward to a weekend spent with friends in a great house on the beach. I really really hope I can run (I LOVE RUNNING) but will be responsible about that decision.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. It is a blindingly perfect Fall day here today... the leaves are changing on campus, but it is still warm and crisp. Wearing my JCrew navy corduroy blazer and feeling all sorts of academic. Nerd alert. Oh well.

Here are some pictures from our anniversary trip up to Asheville!

Our hot tub in Hot Springs, North Carolina. Awesome.

Blue Ridge Mountains

Our cabin in Hot Springs. So cute... I want one.

Gorgeous fall colors on a hike

On one of our hikes we found this trickle of a waterfall to play in. I'll have to post the video of Trent getting soaked... he was brave, it was freezing!

"Look at these colors!" An example of me every 10 minutes on our hikes.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


for two reasons.

1) Found out today that the talk I was 100% convinced was NEXT Thursday, where I hoped to present this new experiment I am nearly done with and get all sorts of good input from, is tomorrow. TOMORROW. I am not nervous about giving a talk (that seems to be all I am doing these days) but I am pretty bummed to have to present the same story over again. I am now planning on discussing what I am working on instead of presenting data. Maybe I will get some suggestions that will help me make this experiment even more awesome? Oye, tonight is gonna be rough.

2) My piriformis is acting up. I never get injured and now this weird nerve/muscle situation in my hip/glut is bugging me. I've emailed three awesome ladies with various amounts of physical therapy knowledge and am meeting up with a professional PT friend tomorrow, so hopefully she'll have some good suggestions. I think I'll be fine for the race (it seems to get better when I am running, and worse when I am sitting around) but am nervous about doing some real damage. Not fun... Oh yes, reminder... I am doing the OBX marathon on Sunday.

Back to work, just needed to vent for a second. Sorta glad to be getting this talk over with instead of worrying about this weekend at the beach. Busy girl!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Two things...

that are making me ridiculously happy today.

1) There is a new muppets movie in the works. With Zack Galafakakis (or however you spell his name). Oh man, if he shares any scenes with the King Prawn, my head might explode.

2) This boat. Check it... Chris Craft Constellation, perfect size, great shape, reasonable price, with a liveaboard slip in WEST LAKE UNION, which is near both downtown and The Hutch? Where do I sign. 100 bonus points for that most gorgeous PILOT HOUSE. It is meant to be...

Just, you know, have to graduate, have the husband graduate, and move across the country. No big deal. All while being really sad about leaving Carrboro and our lives here.


Enough with the caps, I know, but seriously, I am jazzed.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

hello dear friend...

The internet is an amazing thing. Thinking of my dear friend and was so happy to get to hear his voice. Even more lovely to hear him talking about his critical roles in establishing my beloved alma mater.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Slighty more grown up...

Check out my fancy new stationary Emily got us for our anniversary. Mrs. Jean Johnson. Craziness. And so pretty!

Love the fern design and our address on the envelope.

I've been trying to write more letters recently (I feel now I should say "I am trying to keep up on my correspondences), this is great motivation.

(before I am DR. Johnson and move!)

Thanks Emily!!

Friday Thought

Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it in tact you must give it to no one, not even an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket, safe, dark, motionless, airless, it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. To love is to be vulnerable.

--C.S. Lewis

screenprint from Etsy store Blancucha.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Life Aquatic

It is a gray, rainy, day today. This, combined with Trent sending me endless Craigslist boats in Seattle, has me dreaming of life in the Pacific Northwest.

Where I'd live on this boat...

Play this song over and over....

Wear these boots...

To my job curing cancer here....

Sounds like a plan?!

I am not a grown up (it is a good thing I am married to one)

7:21 PM me: i just took some medicine i found in my drawer
not sure what it was
7:22 PM pretty sure cold medicine
just fyi
Trent: hmok
"she took the medicine in the drawer in her biology lab that she THINKS was cold medicine"
7:25 PM me: ya, i know

just had to share that nugget. no worries, mom, I was not at lab at 7:25 pm. my google account refuses to be the correct time ever....

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Day 25

Better day. Had a lazy morning but did manage to make it to work. Got a few things done (thank goodness for my assistant Sunny, who is seriously this guy. Which makes me Jack Donaghy, which I am kind of okay with).

Feeling slightly overwhelmed with how much work I have looming ahead of me finishing up this paper, but happy about the upcoming holidays and the idea that I am actually finishing this paper!!

A few things I am thankful for today:

Getting the new XX cd in the mail from blogger Lovely Morning. Not only does she have an adorable baby, she has great taste in music and is super generous to host a giveaway for some new tunes! Thank you Kristina!!

Still amazed by my new commuter. I am now realizing how exhausting my 500 pound Pinnacle was. Plus, she is gorgeous. And that little Petey Pablo in the front is pretty darn fun to come home to.

Wearing my new birthday scarf and gorgeous copper bracelet from the Naliboffs trip to Israel. The color of the scarf could not be more me and the bracelet is just lovely. Thank you!

How Pilot enjoys watching the world walk by. He could easily jump over this gate, but much prefers to just stand up here and watch families walk by to the park. I can't believe how big he is!

A hot cup of cocoa in my awesome New Hampshire mug. Perfect post-bike ride home drink! I love thinking of the sweet potter who made this.

In hindsight...

I look less like a rockstar...

And more like a kicky, young, version of Liza Minnelli. Oh well...

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

26 day

Slightly less stellar today. And yesterday was stellar. Lots of kudos from random faculty about my talk on Friday and winning the coveted "Best Lab Buddy" award for November (our lab manager is a mom, and knows how winning candy/gift cards can be an excellent motivator for doing chores!). And I even got my first birthday present in the mail yesterday, thanks Naliboffs!!

But as the day progressed, I felt yuckier and yuckier. Went home early and slept/wandered/was restless for the rest of the evening. Finally got some cold meds and slept until 11am today. Called in sick. Boo.

But, in a positive note, taking the day off meant I got to go vote at my leisure and I even ran into our US Senate candidate, Elaine Marshall, at Weaver Street were I was getting some chicken soup.

Feels like an accomplished day. Now back to bed...

Here are some cute baby pictures from the Halloween block party for your enjoyment.

Eaden and his adorable friend. I love that guy, such a little bruiser. He was a gorilla.

Alex the treefrog. Too too too cute.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Oh my goodness... this just gave me goosebumps. Obama, Bill Nye, Science? Best birthday month present.

27 last days of 27

So, lovelies... today is the 1st of November. So I officially have 27 days left of being 27! Craziness.

I plan on embracing this and celebrating something small everyday.

For today, riding my brand new, absolutely gorgeous, bike to work. Trent bought me two frames for our anniversary, a CAAD7 to be my new road bike (since I fell in love with his CAAD9) and this awesome, handmade, MicheleAntonio frame for my new commuter. He worked hard on it all weekend at the shop (so handy!) and scrounged parts from old bikes and used parts at the shop. Today was it's inaugural ride, and it was epic! I love it.

Pictures to come soon. And I am realizing this is my 4th commuter in 4.5 years of graduate school. Definitely the best one. By far!

(and I had hot chocolate for breakfast. that is a stellar way to start the day).

Dual Lives

Friday: I give a big talk to my department and celebrate afterward with beers with my boss then dinner with some lovely lovely friends. The talk went great, I was thrilled... but exhausted!

Saturday: Bike shop most of the day. Then a whirlwind costume creation. Resulting in this madness...

We rowdy'd it up at several parties... many more pictures to come. Love that Trent is rocking my jean shorts and we switched wigs from the criminal party. I love that he is so game to dress up!

Sunday: Long run with Pilot and breakfast at Weaver with Trent. Bike shop for a bit and helped a friend pick out a new bike. Lots of bike updates to come soon... my new commuter is gorgeous!

Quick throwing together a more family appropriate costume and a dish for the pot luck and we headed over to Paul and Sheila's Halloween block party...

I am his parrot! And apparently parrots do something like this with their arms/wings. I love that I just happened to have random neon pipecleaners around and that my love of bright clothes paid off.

Such a fun weekend!! So good to see SO many friends and dress up with my favorite costume-d caper.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Inspired: Fall

Our trip up to the mountains was awesome. I sounded like a parrot, chirping "Look at those leaves!" every two minutes. But seriously, they were amazing. We had a blast hiking, soaking in the mineral tubs, and mingling with every person from Florida on vacation.

Fall finally feels like it is here, despite the high 70's today. I am thinking lots of skinny jeans, lots of button up shirts and oversized sweaters, lots of boots, and this coat...

So cute!!

(perhaps a birthday idea... perhaps?)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

And we're off!

Yet another weekend getaway, this one starting on a Thursday to boot! October definitely has been a fun month for us. We are driving up to Asheville to stay at the fancy lodge tonight (and have a lovely dinner at the hotel, thanks to parents!). Tomorrow we will do lots of hiking and enjoying the fall foliage and then check into our rustic cabin and soak away the evening in the mineral hot springs. A bit more hiking and time exploring Asheville and then home Saturday evening.

Mr. Pilot is off with his uncle Jerz again (best friends ever), looking forward to some quiet time alone with my husband!

Happy weekend!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Newest Family Member

Big "welcome to this world" to my great-nephew (is that right?) Karsen Earl Traudt.

Born yesterday afternoon, 7lbs 7oz.
(I'll always remember his birthday!)

Weekend Recap

So we promised each other that despite the date, this was not going to be our anniversary celebration weekend. We justified it by deciding that since our wedding fell on Fall Break last year, it is only appropriate to celebrate on Fall Break this year. So we get an extra long weekend to celebrate.

And he had a crew race. But we had a lovely, and adventurous, weekend still!

Friday night: Exhausted from a long week. I made homemade pizza and we shared a bottle of vino verde while catching up on Hulu.

Saturday: Both up early, I was off to do a local UNC 5k race with the crew team and Trent was off to work on his 10 page paper about Bandura's social cognitive theory and its applications on school based interventions on childhood obesity. Fun times. The race was great, very mellow and a nice way to force myself to do a bit of speed work. Rode my bike there and back home where I felt a little under the weather so had a lovely long, snuggly, nap with Mr. Pilot. He is mellowing and SUCH a nice dog. Up to finally shower and then meet up with Trent at Weaver Street for lunch. We made sandwiches with fresh salami and cheese and set to working. I was chosen to give the student talk at the biology retreat coming up so needed to get going on that. Lovely few hours typing away and drinking tea.

However, an idea was sneaking into my head. Trent was planning on going up with the crew team boys on the bus, at 3:30am, while the other coaches left Saturday night, hauling the boats, and spent a night in a hotel. He wanted to spend Saturday night with me. A couple of phone calls later, and we decided to head up that evening with them. We went home and did a massive house cleaning (so nice to come home to a clean house) and then dropped Pilot off with Amanda and Jersey for the night. We went to the boat house and watched the team load the massive boats on to the trailer, and then hit the road around 6pm. It was the second weekend in a row where we sat in the back of a big truck and didn't have to worry about driving or lodging, love it!

Easy drive up north and we arrived in Fredricksberg around 10:30 pm. We all bunked down in a very nice hotel room and crashed.

Sunday: Up fairly early to drive the rest of the way to the course. We arrived right as the team did. The race was on the Occoquan River, just south of Alexandria in Northern Virginia. Beautiful!! Corienne, the head coach's girlfriend, and I stayed in the truck chatting for a while until it warmed up and then I headed out for my long run. The change of scenery was great, I found a path along the river and ran for hours. This scenery is some of my favorite, the trees and the river and all the public parks. Love this area.

Back to the race to enjoy some of their snacks and then my dear friend Calen picked me up for lunch. He lives in DC and works for the Union of Concerned Scientists and rented a Zipcar to come visit. We were besties during our time abroad in Costa Rica and I am pretty sure we are long lost twins. I have so many great memories of stomping through the forest singing 1950's show tunes and Peter Paul and Mary songs with him. He absolutely loves science and really helped me own a lot of my quirky traits. Unfortunately he's had a rough couple years, but is really starting to find his way again and DC is the perfect place for him. We had a nice lunch on the river in the historical town of Occoquan (so cute) and it was fantastic to catch up with an old friend.

Back to the race and Calen and I puttered around and tried to not get hit in the head by any boats. He left around 4pm, fantastic parents brought a big pasta dinner for all the rowers (and us), and we were back on the road by 6pm. Long drive home, not as fun as the team didn't do as well as they had hoped, but Trent and I spent a lot of time working on his paper that was due today and napping. Home around 11pm, to find Mr. Pilot home and exhausted from his weekend getaway. We all slept very well. And he is spending his first day outside of his crate (in the office with all the chewable things removed), fingers crossed!!

I am very much looking forward to our romantic getaway weekend coming up, but in some ways I feel this weekend really reflects what I love so much about our relationship. We compliment and support each other but each have our own lives and hobbies. We are definitely better together, but not too shabby on our own. And any time we get to spend together is fantastic. Even though he was so busy, he definitely made me feel special and a welcome part of the weekend, and I am glad I had got to explore a new area. I am so lucky to have such a perfect partner in this adventure!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anniversary Memories: Wedding Flowers

My wedding flowers are still some of my favorite flower arrangements I've ever seen... Thanks to my awesome sister Emily for soooo understanding me. Chili peppers, equisitum, thistles, and ferns?!? You can't do better...

I loved the boys' boutineers and the ring pillow flowers tying in so well. Ferns!!