Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Weekend

We're off! Trent and the Tri-Prof are racing an Olympic distance triathlon tomorrow in the Smokey Mountains. I am bringing my bathing suit, a good book, and running shoes and looking forward to long runs without dying from the heat, and chilling by the lake reading. Sounds great!!

We may stay and camp all weekend, but there is a shark themed party back here that is sounding pretty tempting. We'll see!

Happy weekend everyone.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

getting pretty excited...

Emily reposted the link to the pictures of the farm, where the soon to be infamous Farm Fiesta '09 will be going down.

In just a few months, we'll stand between these walnut trees in front of our community and promise to be the best we can be for each other forever.

I can't wait!

ps: ribbons? papeles picados? what does this walnut tree space need to become a real ceremony station? thoughts?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Big Congrats!

Just have to brag, Trent got accepted into a Public Health certificate program here at UNC! Which is one of the best public health universities in the country. And extra bonus, they are transferring some of the classes he's already taken so he is almost halfway done with it!

Hooray! And now, once again thinking that doing the full master's of public health would be a terrific idea, since they seem pretty excited about him. And since he is an employee, the courses are free!

Yay for lifetime learning!

Weekend Recap

Oh the joys of kickball. Adults playing childhood games while drinking PBR. It is quintessential summer.

We had a fantastic summer weekend including;

1) SO SO much yard work. I landscaped the back of the house with on sale plants I found. Lots of lantanas, sages, lavenders and butterfly bush. It looks 200% times better. Even better, the shed is fully operational so no more tools in the hallway!! Hooray. We took down some kitchen cabinets and shelves, rearranged and repainted and put some back up. Much better organization.. it is going to look fantastic.

2) Two bbq get-togethers. That were very different. BBQ #1, very awkward because the hosts did not introduce the guests and no one knew each other. So despite our best efforts, Trent, Deirdre and I kept mingling with each other. BBQ #2, at Deirdre's.. was awesome. Amazing food, excellent folks, swimming in the pool. It was blazing hot, but such a blast.

3) Another late evening walk through the forest. With tons of fireflies and another tiny frog for me to carry. Awesome.

4) We volunteered at a family triathlon Sunday morning. It was great, we were really needed and we got to ride our bikes around the lovely countryside. Trent had to call the ambulance for one crash, but he was fine. Otherwise, no injuries or heatstroke. Very fortunate. Felt good to help out.

5) Secret cooking project with an incredibly awesome friend. Fancy roast chickens, a decadent chocolate/coffee/pecan fudge cake. Bonus for similar measuring skills (ya, that's about half a cup) and using our newly redesigned kitchen.

Boss is back in town this week, tons of experiments to do. Wedding planning is chugging along and can't wait to see the invitations! OH, and our Christmas gardenia, which nearly died living inside, is a happy camper planted in the yard and has FOUR blossoms right now. I spent lots of time breathing deeply next to the plant. I am so happy!

Friday, July 24, 2009

giant flower accessories

I want to wear a giant flower...

to work:
on the weekends:
or while gardening... naturally:
Definitely some diy-boutonniere inspiration on her site though.. gotta get cracking!

Emily's weekend plans...

Wanderlust. A two day yoga and music festival? Awesome. In Lake Tahoe, unfortunately.

Emily will have to go. Throw in some Uggs and Grapenuts and you may just have her favorite things all rolled into one!

I am kinda bummed to miss it. We are very different people sometimes.

Awesome Movie

Last night we watched Run, Fatboy, Run.

It was awesome. For several reasons.

a) British comedy. Totally hilarious, without being lowbrow.

b) About running. And how running marathons and sticking to something very hard builds character.

c) Adorable little British kid. "Did you win?!"

I highly recommend!

the way to do a friday morning

1. Long, satisfying, swim with Trent at the new fancy pool. That is now free for UNC folks. Awesome.

2. Breakfast biscuits from Neil's deli. Ohmygoodnessgood.

3. A ride to work from Mr. Johnson. No mandatory post bike ride time out in the cold room.

4. Finding a very special necklace I thought was gone forever. Hooray.

5. Quiet lab, lots of science to do, big jar of tea.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

yay rockstar scientists

Last night we were watching the Daily Show (a day late, but man... is terrific for folks without any sort of cable!) and Energy Secretary and Nobel prize winner Steven Chu was the guest.

Does anyone else just want to be friends with him? He was so happy, smart, funny... it was terrific. Yay Obama administration.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

domestic bliss

Last night I got home from an intense spin class to find Trent and Sadie building a stone wall in our backyard that is the starting point for a terrific patio.

Trent had roasted a chicken in the LeCru (seriously, I love this thing) and I steamed up some collard greens to go along with it. We tossed the bones back in the magical cast iron pot and started boiling it up.

Decided to take a long walk with the Sadie (she was so confused, usually we only run!) and were enchanted by fireflies, inspired by lots of lovely yards, and delighted to catch tiny frogs. Well, I was.

Home to a house that smelled like all good things. Kiwis and blueberries for dessert. I read my book on the history of the CDC (so interesting, also so terrifying!) and Trent wrote blog posts for Unplgged.

Asleep by 10.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm just saying...

These are $7 . And might look pretty darn cute with navy blue bridesmaid dresses (I wish they still had them in yellow!)

That is all. Just saying.


A few things:

1. I've been craving pho like it is going out of style. Which is a fairly terrible thing to crave when it is 90 degrees and 90% humidity. Oh but man, that broth with noodles and basil and cilantro and jalapenos and spicy spicy rooster sauce. Heaven.

2. I found an awesome hair situation. There is a woman who is apprenticing at a fancy salon in town. She cut my hair yesterday, for free, since she was training. But she is awesome. So careful and the main stylist was there to help and it was terrific. I felt like I was a good challenge for her since Trent has been cutting my hair the past few months. There was some craziness going on in there.

3. After taking a break from yoga, I am back at the studio. And I love it. Hopefully it is the closest thing to therapy I will ever pay for. My arms are SO sore though.

4. Science. My work is taking off. Super exciting times. But I am having to deal with a fairly ridiculous lab mate who may be trying to scoop me? Are you kidding? You can't compete with this.

5. I got a running skirt. From my sponsor company. I think I love it, but I am fairly certain I look ridiculous running in it. I'll let you know what the final verdict is.

That's what I am thinking about today. Oh and here's another cute baby pic. Because she is gorgeous!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

oh no you didn't...

Hate to bring down the mood after that insanely adorable baby. But I've just been challenged.

Cancer.. are you kidding me. Mess with my Beastie Boys? That's just asking to bring my wrath.

You'd better watch yourself. You've been warned.

p.s. man, they are great. it was fun watching all the videos, nearly impossible to decide which one to post. and it sounds like he caught it early and has a good prognosis. But still...c'mon!

Introducing: Taylor Lynn Zipp

I've been gone forever, I know. Just had to share some adorable pictures of my beloved Pappa G's new baby. Hopefully she will be a lovely little addition to our farm fiesta. Congrats Zipp family!!

Taylor Lynn Zipp. 5lbs, 8 ounces. Happy healthy girl.

Excellent job Kristen! So impressed.

Cutest pregnant lady ever. She is so tiny, it is awesome to see her with this belly!