Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things I disapprove of...

This fella understands disapproval. He will take it over from here:

1) Wedding vendors who won't answer my emails. Even when I play sneaky email games with them. C'mon folks! I just want to sign some paperwork-age.

2) This rainy summer weather. I like that it isn't 10,000 degrees, but it doesn't have to be rainy all the time!

3) Complicated fruit fly crosses. When I am about 95% sure I will mess it up somehow.

4) People laughing at Sadie on our morning runs. Her haircut is so ridiculous.

Things I do like:

1) Coming home from the gym last night to Trent's awesome coconut and panko crusted ahi, nice and rare, mashed blue potatoes, and roasted bell peppers. Yummers.

2) Cracking up every time I see Sadie. I can laugh.. no one else can. She looks so ridiculous. I need to post pictures.

3) All the awesome wedding assistance I am receiving. It really feels like each part of the event will have a dear family member or friend behind it. Love it.

4) Crazy vegetable garden, thanks to all the rain. And thanks to deer netting keeping the buggers away!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

weekend wedding shenanigans

After eating too much marshmallow fondant, which has SO SO SO much sugar, we decided to continue our silly wedding practice. Pictures!

I made Trent a lovely boutonniere from our yard.

Trent made me a bouquet and our brick path served as an excellent isle.

Sadie was our reluctant flower girl. I made her a crown of daisies. She was not thrilled.

But she sort of came around to the idea.

Cutest flower girl ever. Right?

Trent Bakes A Wedding Cake

Trent is pretty sure he could do anything he set his mind to. Like making our wedding cake. However, like the shed, we agreed on a trial run before hand. Here's the photo story!

Trent made two layers of yellow cake with lemon curd in between. He made marshmallow fondant and chilled everything in the fridge until Sunday afternoon when he had some spare time. It actually turned out very well!

Sadie was intrigued. And thought there might be snacks involved.

Is there anything better than lemon curd? I don't think so.

Marshmallow fondant is like really yummy play-dough. And it looks pretty fancy!

Sadie was less intrigued when she realized there were no snacks involved.

I came in just for the fun decorating part. Adding food coloring to fondant makes super colorful, flavorful, play-dough.

Awww, practicing cutting the cake! I think it turned out really well for a first try. We had friends over for dinner on Sunday night and they all got to taste and vote, and everyone was impressed! Not sure if we will go this route, but I will trust completely if he does decide. And he wants to do more trials... which is fantastic for me!

Sadie was bored with our shenanigans.