Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Newest Member of the Family

So we've been a bit hush hush about it, but everything is pretty much official and we would like to introduce everyone to our newest addition.

Welcome Bijou!!

Bijou is a Plott hound, the only breed to originate from North Carolina. She is a true Tar Heel!

Her Story:
She was raised by a family in Eastern Carolina, who wanted a true hound. She is a bit of a runt, and her favorite thing is snuggling, instead of "treeing" squirrels. So she was turned into a shelter. Where she was immediately scooped up by the NC Hound Rescue group. Concurrently, our friends Buddy and Jenny, who are the adoring parents of Anja, a Red Bone Coon hound (like from "Where the Red Fern Grows"), were looking to expand their family. Although they really wanted a puppy of the same breed, one look at Bijou and they had to take her in. She lived with them in a foster situation for nearly a year, where they did an excellent job of teaching her good manners. However, the whole "not really a hound" thing was not quite what they were looking for. We pet-sat a few times and fell in love. But our little cottage is not dog friendly. So it wasn't meant to be.

Until we got the house!!

We went back and forth, were they willing to part with her, was she the dog for us? But during this time, we had plenty of chances to hang out with her, taking her on long runs where she absolutely destroyed us, but happily came trotting back wondering what was taking us so long, to long hours of snuggling on the sofa (her favorite). Recently, it has become final..

She is ours!

We don't have her full time, but once we close on the house (hopefully) and get moved in, she will be ours completely. I think the open adoption thing has been a great chance for us to meet her, and for her previous owners to see that we are bonkers for her. She is 1 and a half, so still needs some puppy class, but is starting from a good place. And occasionally she is still a hound, she has a bay that is pretty amazing, but I think she has found her perfect fit with a couple of crazy kids who love running through the forest.. as well as snuggling.

Wish us luck!

And yes.. she is wearing a coat. It is awesome. I got it at Old Navy. She is pretty much hairless, especially on her belly, and it snowed this week, so she was plenty happy to have it on. An added benefit is that you can clearly see her tearing around the forest, as compared to her coat that is pretty much the color of leaf litter.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Just need to share a few good things:

1. I found the gene I have been searching for. 21 on my list of 80. Not too shabby.

2. Our new potential home appraised for MORE THAN WE AGREED TO PAY FOR! Whoohoo.

3. It is my anniversary today. I am so luck y to have spent 6 years with such a fabulous companion.

4. I've been crazy luck about getting basketball tickets, so the Bubs and I are heading to a UNC-Chapel Hill vs UNC-Asheville game tonight. Should be a good one. And we got tickets to the UNC vs. NC State game on Saturday which is even more awesome.

5. I am in no way a party planner, but I managed to pull off a dinner party at a faculty member's house for 50 people, breakfast at hotel for the speakers and their hosts and a fancy-dancy dinner for the speakers and those in my program involved in organizing the symposium my training grant group was in charge of planning. It was awful, I hated planning it, but no one else stepped up to the plate and I think I did a good job and hopefully everything goes smoothly this week!

Too bad all my science went terribly today, I guess you can't win them all. Might as well just go home! Sounds good to me!

Saturday, January 05, 2008


Trent is off in Savannah, Georgia with 30 or so of his collegiate rowers for a week of three practices a day, three generous Moms' cooking tons of food, and I am sure some hilarious shenanigans. I've been trying to stay warm in the coldest week we've had thus far, avoiding putting away Christmas decorations, and working super hard in lab. Last night, Deirdre and I had a girl's night out, dinner and the movie Juno. I had heard great things, but I was a bit skeptical.

I was wrong. This movie is adorable. Not pretentious, or too sappy, just clever, very well written and so, so, sweet. Go see immediately!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

House Updates

Soooooo... big news. All throughout our lovely pre-christmas mountain getaway (pictures to come, it was fabulous), we dealt with this house stuff. I presumed that the holidays would ensure a few days off of decision making, but we were wrong. The entire trip, we were going back and forth, pros and cons, offers counter-offers. Finally we were sick of it, made a final offer that could stand for a week, and the sellers could decide. Or we were walking away.

The gamble paid off. Day after Christmas, in the parking lot of Trader Joe's, we got the call. They accepted our offer! We are still jumping through all the inspection, mortgage and getting court approval (the house has some weird ownership situations) hoops, but if everything goes well, we will close Jan. 22nd!!

We are planning on not moving in until March 1st, and utilizing the time to refinish the wood floors, re-tiling the bathroom and kitchen, and other big jobs that will be easier without furniture. Then once spring comes, lots of landscaping, putting up a fence, and little fixes. Trent is very excited about picking out dishwashers and other appliances, I am excited about the garden and decorating. It (hopefully) is going to be a blast!

Here are some pictures, from the seller's page, so it was spring and pretty and green when these were taken:

Front of House:


Livingroom other direction:

Master Bedroom:


It is a three bedroom, one bath. One bedroom is going to be an office/tv room, and Trent wants to put a half bath in the master bedroom. It is cool because it backs up right to a city park, and is on a very quiet street. Keep your fingers crossed!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Seems to be the cool thing to do. What to do for the coming year. What we hope to achieve; marathons, languages, style goals. My list.. a bit different. Presenting:

What NOT to do in 2008

Time to set some limits. Let's do this thing:

1. Don't sign up for every committee. Seriously. Do a good job with the ones I am on, be the best-est darn BGSA president, help (a bit) with recruitment, work hard for CMB (because they give me sweet sweet money), but that's it. Just say no to more committees!

2. Don't be so hard on myself. This is going to take more than a year, but I can keep working on it.

3. Don't be so competitive. Wait. Well, let me rephrase. Be competitive, within reason. Like, yes, be the best grad student, president, girlfriend, etc. Don't panic about beating adult, crazy, men in triathlons.

4. Don't do so many races. I am definitely doing the Boston Marathon, and I think I am going to sign up for two triathlons. And that's it. Just do a couple, but do them SUPER well. Give them my best shot, train well for them, and no excuses.

5. Don't bug Trent to pick a washer/dryer/dishwasher/fridge/oven. The boy loves this stuff. This house (updates to come!) is going to be a huge test of how we can work together to make something awesome. Let him spend 50 hours comparing various eco-efficient ranges.

6. Don't put off what makes me happy. Get that dog! Bijoouuuuuuuu.

7. Don't forget old friends, but don't be complacent and forget that it is great to make new ones. Especially ones outside of the lab.

8. Don't be afraid to put someone completely in the spotlight. Everyone deserves their time to shine.

9. Don't be afraid to stand up for myself in lab. I am a darn good scientist. Go get that project. Don't let Miss Slackerpants get it. See #3.

10. Don't lose sight of what is most important, friends, health, kindness, love, my dreams and goals, family, Trent. Don't sweat the small stuff, do my best for the big stuff.

Hope everyone has a 2008 filled with success, joy, peace and happiness!