Monday, August 13, 2007

Fabulous and Productive Weekend

I know I promised I was back. But dang.. these exams are occupying my life right now. Three 5 hour tests over two days. Yuckers. Oh well. I feel trained and prepped.. and ready to get them started! Wish me luck.

Brief weekend review:

Awesome. Chapel Hill is awesome. I missed it.

Friday night Trent and I had our date night which consists of riding our bikes to a restaurant on Franklin Street and a cheap, delicious, and healthy dessert of Ghirardelli Mint Chocolate Swirl at Yogurt Pump, a taste of SF here in CH.

Saturday morning, we took delivery of a Pasha the puppy to pooch sit, and had a fabulous breakfast including sushi and a breakfast strata at our community owned grocery Weaver Street Market on Saturday. Good times. Lots and lots of studying all day Saturday and a great trip to the dog park with all our other canine owning friends. We were just posing but it was good times anyways. Later that night, we had Deirdre over for a quiet dinner of yummy stuffed bell peppers with ground tofu and wild rice from Chef Trent.

Sunday the weather was absolutely gorgeous, a nice break from the recent heatwave, hooray! We celebrated by going on a 25 mile bike ride through the Chapel Hill countryside. So many happy cyclists enjoying the nice weather, it was as if there was an organized race!

After the lovely ride, we prepared the most delicious sandwiches with fresh basil and tomatoes from our garden, nitrite-free salami and locally made cheese from Weaver Street. With the weather still cooperating we took our lunch out on the porch, drinking ice tea with fresh mint from the garden, and enjoyed life ... for a moment ... before returning to the books.

Later that afternoon, we went for a quick 1200 meter swim (I am trying to get back into triathlon training) and then spent the rest of the evening studying (surprise) and doing lots of laundry. For dinner, Trent fired up the grill and we had some Alaskan Cod fish tacos, complete with red cabbage and fresh pineapple. Delicious.

Lovely weekend, but it will be nice when this exam is over and I can enjoy Chapel Hill without all the stressing!

Hope you all had a great weekend, see you in a couple days!!