Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things I disapprove of...

This fella understands disapproval. He will take it over from here:

1) Wedding vendors who won't answer my emails. Even when I play sneaky email games with them. C'mon folks! I just want to sign some paperwork-age.

2) This rainy summer weather. I like that it isn't 10,000 degrees, but it doesn't have to be rainy all the time!

3) Complicated fruit fly crosses. When I am about 95% sure I will mess it up somehow.

4) People laughing at Sadie on our morning runs. Her haircut is so ridiculous.

Things I do like:

1) Coming home from the gym last night to Trent's awesome coconut and panko crusted ahi, nice and rare, mashed blue potatoes, and roasted bell peppers. Yummers.

2) Cracking up every time I see Sadie. I can laugh.. no one else can. She looks so ridiculous. I need to post pictures.

3) All the awesome wedding assistance I am receiving. It really feels like each part of the event will have a dear family member or friend behind it. Love it.

4) Crazy vegetable garden, thanks to all the rain. And thanks to deer netting keeping the buggers away!