Monday, December 07, 2009

Weekend Recap

Sorry for the lack of posting, things are going fairly fantastically scientifically, so I am trying to capitalize on this wave of good fortune while it lasts. I am sure it will come crashing down soon.

Our weekend was great, it was the first really cold weekend we've had here so it was much more mellow than previous, but highlights included:

1. Trent picking me up from work Friday, dinner at Weaver St, watching UCLA lose to Stanford (boo) women's soccer at The Station with the Frazongs, then watching Carolina beat Notre Dame (hooray!) women's soccer at a crazy Italian pizza place. Then Trent and I headed to the Local 506 to watch a few bands at a show hosted by the UNC student newspaper. Fun times. Quick stop by the station to see if there was dancing, but alas no, so home and to bed.

2. Crazy amounts of sleeping in on my part. I was amazed. I think it was due to my long week and recent H1N1 flu shot. Trent played video games while I snoozed. It was a drizzly, cold, day, so no hurry.

3. Finally up for cleaning, some Hulu, and my Jillian Michael's workout video. That thing is crazy, I was sweating up a storm.

4. Errands at Marshall's, Trader Joe's, Lowe's. (Hooray for our new windows arriving!)

5. Delicious seared tuna, baked potatoes and green beans with mushrooms for dinner.

6. Getting all dressed up and hitting up Lantern for delicious cocktails.

7. Meeting up with the crew team for their winter party. They all went to dinner (in various groups) and rented out a screen at our vintage Varsity Theater to watch "A Christmas Story." Cute to see all the rowers dressed up fancy and impressing their ladies.

8. Caught a ride with Thomas to the after party, a rowdy, totally college party at the rowers house. We enjoyed cheap beer and champagne punch, danced to cheesy Christmas tunes, and finally left when boys started taking their shirts off. Those crew boys hate clothes. It was great to meet a lot of Trent's rowers and mingle with the varsity kids who I've gotten to know over the years. I think they were impressed old, married, folks like us could keep up.

9. Up for oatmeal breakfast and a chilly run with Sadie. Quick shower and change and Deirdre picked me up for a candy making party hosted by my very pregnant lab mate. We made caramels, brittles, brown sugar candy, peppermint bark, divinity, fudges, turtles. It was really fun to learn how to make candy (slightly terrifying, all the 300 degree sugars) and fun to meet new folks. It took forever though! Home around 6.

10. Cooked up a storm for the upcoming week. Including, lots of roasted squash (acorn and butternut), a big LeCru of soup, Indian chicken in spinach. Watched Hulu, ate baked potatoes (I am addicted right now) and soup and headed to bed after massive laundry folding.

Fun weekend! Good mix of being social and hitting the town, and being lazy homebodies.

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