Saturday, January 20, 2007

Lady Scientists

After a week of being completely overwhelmed by the staggering amount of knowledge that it seems everyone else easily comprehends, I've needed to find some solstice in other women in science who understand the plight. We know what Diana van Faustenberg's iconic dress is, as well as the complete MAP Kinase pathway from receptor tyrosine kinase to chromatin modification due to gene expression. I am immensely grateful for my fellow first year bio ladies, who will as quickly be crafty and go see "The Queen" with me as eagerly debate the best ways to optimize a lazy PCR product. After going to the lab this morning and realizing that, no, my flies haven't changed since last night.. losers, I've spent some time exploring the community of female scientists on-line!

1. First and foremost, the person that you always wonder if they existed due to eerie similarities, Sara of Life si Nich si Mal. From Davis roots, to love of cryostats, to admission of loving cute clothes, her blog is a must read for me.

2. Via her blog, I found some other gems. The Natural Scientist, InkyCircus, and On Being a Scientist and a Woman. The last one reminds me a lot of my 5th year grad student responsible for showing me around my new lab. Who was 9 months pregnant the day I arrived. We frantically spent the first week going over all the protocols I will need for my project, and Baby Giana Marie arrived remarkably fast (half an hour of labor!!) and easily last Sunday night. Congrats!! I hope I can make her proud with my beautifully antibody stained and in-situ hybridized fly embryos!

3. The true original.. Ph.D Comics. I remember seeing a TA back at UCD wearing a t-shirt from here and checking out the website, and not getting it really. But oh my goodness, I do now. It is amazingly correct. Also a great place to waste sometime waiting for a gel to finish running Homestarrunner!

You gotta check out this link from Science on InkyCircus : 2007 Resolutions.

Alrighty, enough for now. Off to read some papers. Or make cranberry orange muffins. The dilemma continues. But Trent gets home tonight, yay!!!