Saturday, March 24, 2007

Happy Jean

Oh man. After such a relaxing and wonderful visit from my family, highlighted by our week in the Outer Banks and the excitement of my sister's engagement, I was feeling refreshed and ready to start my new rotation on an even keel. Too bad this week was absolutely nuts!! I worked frantically taking pictures of colorful fly embryos to put on my poster I printed out the morning before the symposium. Luckily, all the hot shot professors believed my data and seemed impressed. Yay!

So I am just now getting around to posting pictures from the trip (Click Here!), cleaning house, playing with my friends (we rode our bikes downtown last night to watch the Awesome Tarheels crush USC at an outdoor bar with tons of undergrads, it was a blast), and hang out with my best boyfriend ever, who puts up with me not sleeping for 3 days straight and coming to the lab at 10pm to drag me home. Today we rode our bikes to the first farmer's market of spring and bought lots of yummy local produce. We are about to go swimming (it is 80 degrees), I've been out gardening and picking all the amazing flowers that are blooming, drinking minty sun kissed ice tea, and tonight we are going to see Scissors for Lefty, and then off to a birthday party for three of my most favorite first year biologists!! Things have definitely improved!!

And my Threadless shirts arrived and they are even more awesome than I ever could have imagined. I am one happy camper! Happy Spring everyone!