Friday, March 02, 2007

Week in Review

What a week! I thought after the race I would have nothing but free time and dance parties. Not quite. Although there have been some good dance parties.

1. I worked all weekend. I felt like a total workaholic. And a bad girlfriend. But luckily I have the most fabulous boyfriend who made me yummy dinners and picked me up and dropped me off and even joined me for lunch on Saturday at the lab. I am too lucky. Man, I love this science though.

2. Monday, some bio homies and I went to see Nancy Hopkin's seminar on "Women in Science." She is a faculty member at MIT and was part of the huge review that found that only 10% or so of senior faculty at prestigious scientific research institutes are women. She has continued to do awesome science while being a huge advocate for women in the field and it was awesome to hear her talk. Her first internship was with James Watson!!

3. Tuesday I got to have lunch with her!! I have a feeling it will become a huge moment in my scientific career. She told us that it is okay to be workaholics and that this career is fun and we love it and that is okay. She also made me realize, again, how lucky I am to have a wonderful and supportive man, and how much hard work is ahead of me.

4. Luckily I had this quite uplifting conversation because when I arrived back at the lab I found my hard work that morning on my powerpoint presentation for the next day had mysteriously disappeared. And I had to present it to my PI in a couple hours. Awesome fantastic!

5. Wednesday, actually give a pretty darn good presentation. Yay! Hooray for pretty pics of fly embryos. Celebrate by seeing my fellow lab mate's band "Just the Snare" at the Library.

6. Rest of the week is kind of a blur.. catching up on cleaning house, studying, other science, and buying thank you coffees for all the folks who were super helpful earlier in the week!

This weekend should be a good mix of going out with new friends in new places, and being total homebodies. My favorite!!