Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Trip Update!

Just wanted to get in a quick update, as the last post is not so cheerful. We are having a great trip, it has been an adventure of up's and down's, but mostly up's including a most lovely weekend spent with two of the most dear people you could imagine. It was just wonderful to see them and have them meet Trent. I have to thank my parents for providing such amazing people in our lives... I am so lucky to know their friends.

The down's? The usual. As people who travel with me know.. I tend to get to know the local infrastructure pretty well. Maybe I think it is more realistic. We know the Cape like the back of our hand now, but everyone/thing is doing great now and we had a wonderful lobster dinner last night thanks to Trent's parents. I have lots of pictures to post, but we are getting an early start to go have breakfast in Providence, Rhode Island (checking out Brown University) before meeting up with Trent's highschool friend who is at graduate school in New Haven, Connecticut (Yale) for the day. After that... we'll see!! We drove straight through New Jersey, Delaware, New York (a memorable gas station trip in the Bronx at 4am) so there is lots to see before moving me into the dorms in Bethesda. Off we go!