Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weekend Round Up

We had a crazy week of tons of workouts and work for me, and tons of workouts for Trent and his crew team. It was Trent's last full week at his old job, I made some progress on my experiments, and enjoyed some lovely late afternoon bike rides. The weekend felt short but we definitely got a lot of fun stuff done.

Friday night was the first "First Friday Biology Happy Hour" of the new school year. I remember going to my first one last year SO well, so I was quite jazzed for this. However, apparently we were a MUCH cooler first year class.. only ONE new first year came. She is pretty awesome though, especially because she is rotating in MY lab. Holla! We still had a great time, enjoy some pictures!

Nathan and Jessica

Kim and the adorable new post-doc

Stylish Bio Ladies

Trent didn't have practice on Saturday (since he is technically the Assistant coach, and had been at EVERY practice that week.. he took the day off) and we went on an awesome, intense, mountain bike ride with the UNC Bike Team. There were 4 girls and 6 guys, and everyone was really good. I was out of practice, too much road riding lately, but it came back quickly. I love how much concentration mountain biking takes, and the comradary is excellent. Beautiful weather, great to meet some new friends!

Afterwards we went to Foster's Market (my first time at this famous spot) for delicious sandwiches. I thought my dirt "tan" legs were awesome, perhaps Trent was not so impressed.

I went to lab and Trent started lathing when we got home. While sorting flies, my throat got super sore.. not so good. Especially since bio friend Deirdre has been sick for a week. I immediately went home, drank tons of cranberry juice, and went to bed. We ordered lots of chinese take-out, including the cure all wonton soup and watched The Lives of Others. Nice mellow evening.

Woke up today feeling much better, I think we dodged the bullet. We did a bit of cleaning, and then went NUTS cleaning. We finally explored our attic!! This is monumental. We both have been afraid of it. Embarrassing, I know. But today we were brave and went up there. And it is AWESOME! So much storage. We put a ton of projects Trent is working on, but need time to age, boxes from our new computer, and other storage related stuff. It was monumental. And motivational. We cleaned like mad, then went and bought new sheets, new underbed storage boxes (since there are no longer drawer building materials under our bed), and then...

WE BOUGHT A DYSON VACUUM! (haley is excited about this at least...)

We are thrilled. It is the most epic vacuum ever. Really. I know, a vacuum, really? But yes.. it is awesome. Especially at the phenomenal deal we got it at. We got a returned, old version, for a steal.

This vacuum is AMAZING. We got it set up in no time and probably could have left it sitting in one place on the carpet for 5 minutes without it slowing down on all the dirt it was picking up. We have an old house, with some real old carpet.. but this thing is amazing. We pretty much spent the rest of the day taking turns vacuuming, under every piece of furniture, organizing closets and washing lots of clothes. We have lots of hobbies, but now, everything seems to have its place. And I am thrilled. Trent bbq'ed while I ran to lab to tend to my demanding flies, and we enjoyed dinner and our super clean floors. You can vacuum everything!!

Hope you guys had a great weekend of getting a fresh start, just like we did!