Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Some updates:

Life interrupts blogging I am realizing. Sorry! Some updates:

1. I passed my written qualifying exams. Hooray! I was pretty confident about passing, but it is great to actually know. Now on to bigger and better things. Like my oral qualifying exams!!

2. Happy birthday to my sweetest boy. You are my sunshine and my best friend. I love you!

3. Everyone please take a minute and write to Mayor Jerry Sanders applauding his decision to support legalized same sex marriages. His address is Mayor Jerry Sanders, 11th Floor, 202 C Street, San Diego, CA 92101. Thank you.

4. My race is this weekend! I am so excited. I finally feel fast in the pool, my running is awesome, and well.. I can manage on the bike. Especially because I get to race on Trent's awesome speed machine! Expect some great pictures. And wish me luck beating the professor I have been training with.. it is really my main goal.

5. I have somehow decided to do a mountain bike race on Sunday. The cycling team desperately needs a girl to ride. I am telling myself all I need to do is finish.. but I am sure my competitive instinct will kick in, if I am not totally exhausted from Saturday's race!

6. The T-ster and I have an epic shopping trip planned post-mountain bike race. I am pretty darn excited for the fall weather.

7. I love.. hosting dinner parties, hosting cookouts, embracing living in the South and calling barbeques "cookouts," our darling Dyson vacuum, parents in all shapes and forms, the recent weather that has felt like southern California, catching up with old friends, my PI, the awesome Chapel Hill library, this watch, Carolina Football, being a crew coach's girlfriend, meeting my sweet boy on campus for lunch, being on about 12 different academic committees, doing my own research project (finally!), my new favorite restaurant The Spotted Dog, and our weekly brunches with the gang at Weaver Street.

We are happy folks, hope you all are too!