Monday, February 02, 2009

A few wedding pics

I am terrible at taking pictures at important events. I get too busy being a part of the moment, and then I regret it. Luckily Facebook is awesome, and other people are way better at it. I am sure there will be more soon, but here are a few goodies from her dear friend Erin.

Getting the bride ready.

The bride and her mom having a sweet moment.

The wedding arbor that Stephen built. Trent and I helped adorn it with vines from the backyard.

The tent and the "launching pad."

Another view of the tent. It looked really big and fit everyone, but managed to fit in their yard just fine. I was impressed!

The couple during their pre-wedding photo session. They hired a photography student from UF who did a great job.

Sweet flowers.

The screened in porch/dance floor. Trent and Stephen hung the lanterns that had little LED lights in them. It looked terrific at night.

Adorable baby Jack thought the dance party was just the best thing ever. So fun to have kids at weddings. Trent and I are in the background of this picture. I found my shoes (teal patent leather wedges) at Payless and loved them. Just fyi.

More pictures to come soon, I will be on the lookout!