Wednesday, February 18, 2009


1) We had a lovely Valentine's weekend, mellow and productive. Pobre Trent had to get a cavity filled on Friday so we hunkered down with mac and cheese and "Love Actually" which is still so so so cute. That octopus costume for the kid? Ridiculous.

2) We are making progress on the brick path. But it is tending to be 2 feet forward, 1 foot back as we deal with the uneven terrain on the front yard. It will look awesome (and super level!) when we are done.

3) Trent got me awesome prints from my new favorite store "Toots and Magoo" that reminds me of our neighborhood in SF. Need to get these framed asap.

4) We did a huge shopping/errands run. We are stocked up!

5) Wedding details have been sorted out, a bit. We've decided not to try for the 4th, but to keep the Hacienda in the front running after an excellent scouting adventure by Lesley and her mom. We will be coming home soon to check out our top few candidates and then pick a date, hopefully this September or October. My mom sent her dress and THE family dress, and I think I have to wear THE dress, as it is so so pretty and fits me perfectly right now. And I have a few fun "second dresses" in mind. We are very excited for this event.

6) I made valentines that involved embroidering pretty heavy card stock. They were super cute but a bit painful. I need a thimble! And I didn't even use glitter, after all that hype. Lame, I know.

7) I am writing like a fiend, trying to get my thesis proposal moving along. And had some good fortune in the science experiment department recently, so pretty content with work.

8) Stephen and Amanda are renovating their new house like crazy in the two weeks before they move in. Lots of painting and tiling. It brings back lots of memories of our crazy first months. I still can't believe we did half the stuff we did, but I think it was an awesome experience we will always cherish and it strengthened our relationship. You know you can trust someone after they believe enough in your soldering skills to turn on the water...

That's whats been going on in our neck of the woods. I need to post pictures of the path and all its glory. And hopefully lots of wedding updates. Happy Tuesday!