Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Puppy pics!

Hello. My name is Pilot. I am the newest addition to the family. Allow me to introduce myself.

I am pretty stoked with my new digs. I have more chew toys and rawhides than I know what to do with. I also have these fancy beds everywhere my dad got me. I cannot chew on them, despite my best efforts.

I spend my time either asleep, trying to get into as much trouble as possible, or out on walks where I am meeting tons of people and dogs. My folks hope I settle down a bit with the inside craziness, but I just have so much energy and there is so much to do!

Look at me, a tennis ball and a rawhide. This is the good life. Unfortunately, I am teething right now. I've lost a couple of molars already. Not fun. But these raw hides help, as does stale toast. Man, I love stale toast.

I really like to snuggle on people's laps and be carried around. However, I have no idea how big I am going to get, probably around 30-40 pounds. I need to grow into my ears! I have a cute pink belly with brown freckles and a pink and brown nose. Just like my mom!

I am no good at sitting still for pictures for this crazy lady. I just woke up, time to play. Fortunately, I sleep through the night like a champ and am gaining weight (which I needed to do, my brother and I were abandoned in a field). I go to the vet tomorrow for my last booster shots and then I get to go to the dog park!! So much to learn and experience.

Anyways, this is me at four months. I can't wait to meet lots of you soon!


Lesley said...

there is nothing better than cute puppy pics, thanks for sharing

Haley said...

So flippin cute, I can't stand it! Congrats you guys.