Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Recap

Fantastic bbq Friday night on the new patio to celebrate the new pup. Ended up with about 5 dogs running around (Pilot was in heaven), a whole posse of people who were randomly connected (gotta love Carrboro) and our new friends from across the street (who will be wonderful friends of ours someday... love that feeling!).

Saturday was lots of playing with the pup and then heading to the bike shop. Trent came along to learn the ropes so I could take off at noon and go see Wicked!! Sheila got Becca and I tickets as a thank you for throwing her baby shower. We met up with two other friends and had a pre-show lunch at Cuban Revolution before our 2pm showing. It was great, I didn't know much about it before (except that Defying Gravity song gets stuck in my head from Glee!). A lovely day with good girl friends. Back home to close up the bike shop and home to relieve the puppy. Long walk for him, long run for Trent and I. He isn't quite ready for the running yet, but we are working on it. Raining night, cozy snuggling on the sofa watching Flight of the Concords.

Sunday we headed over to Weaver Street for breakfast, studying, and puppy snuggling. It is the best place to socialize a dog, I think. So many hugs from little kids! Ran into lots of friends (love Carrboro!) and stayed till noon. Trent went on a long bike ride with Stephen, Paul and Erik and the puppy and I napped and took our first hike in the forest (he loved it). Home to rest up for a bit and clean house, and realize that Pilot is losing teeth and teething, poor guy. Last walk over to play with Jersey and then home and to bed!

Lovely.. and no pictures to show today. Sorry! More pictures will come soon, promise.

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