Monday, May 03, 2010

Race Recap

There are sooo many pictures of this weekend. When you split up couples (boys racing Saturday, girls racing Sunday) you get lots of adoring photographs. Except for us, I suppose, I bucked the system and raced the half-Ironman with the fellas.

We drove down with Thomas on Friday and claimed our cabin. Big pasta dinner with everyone and lots of preparations.

Up early to start eating and getting ready. Trent and I rarely race the same event, which is probably for the best, as I missed helping him get ready and missed his help. But good for me to be independent!

Beautiful race venue, lovely event. I had a strong swim (I think my best ever, staying on course and no running into people!) finishing the 1.5 miles in 42 minutes. Quick transition and out onto the bike. The bike took me 3:30, which is fine. I wish it was faster, but without any training, wishes are meaningless. Pretty stoked I could ride 56 miles in any amount of time and felt strong and happy during 90% of it. But man, that is long. Last transition into the run and it was getting hot. Hot and steamy. I felt pretty darn tired and was not able to run as fast as I had hoped, but I finished the 13 miles in just over 2 hours. So nice to finish with all my cheering fans supporting me.

Trent did amazingly, 5:27 for the whole thing. His personal best and he had a great time. It was Joel's first triathlon ever, and he did ridiculously well, 5:24!!. Everyone had a great race, except poor Thomas got way overheated on the run and had to get some medical assistance (I came across him getting and IV and oxygen on the run, terrifying!!) but he rallied and finished under his own power which is just amazing.

We all were overheated and exhausted so we just lounged about in the lake eating lots of chips and soda. Finally showered and napped and had bbq'd and ate lots of pizza. Trent had to go back to Chapel Hill to attend his end of the year crew banquet (drove home with Thomas) and then got Deirdre and then drove back together.

Sunday was the sprint, all sorts of fun with babies and anxious husbands cheering for their wives. Everyone did great, everyone finished and it was most of their first race ever. Sheila did amazingly for having a baby three months ago and crossed the finish line with Mr. Alex in her arms. Adorable. I think we've hooked a few more people!

We played in the lake and ate lots of snacks before heading back. Exhausted but no injuries (except for a really sore calf muscle that cramped up leaving the swim, bizarre) and lots of self-satisfaction. Tough stuff, but so awesome to see what our bodies are capable of and to be surrounded by such lovely friends. Good stuff!!

Lots of pictures to come soon.

Oh and the puppy had a fantastic weekend. We heard all about snuggle naps with all the girls, tons of walks, play times, etc. They were reluctant to give him back! No accidents, which is impressive. I feel like he grew so much over the weekend, he is starting to be a real boy. But he was happy to be home and we are thrilled to have him back.

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