Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

One of my favorite things about our life here is the wide variety of people in our lives. This weekend was a perfect example of that.

1. Friday night. I work late at lab (that is another theme this weekend) and Trent goes on a long bike ride with a couple of senior rowers. They drink growlers of beer on the Weaver Street lawn with Pilot playing with babies. Jealous. I finally meet up with them and we get Carrburritos for dinner. Home to change and then back out to a rowdy, stereotypical, undergrad party. So much. Lots of these boys we've known since they were freshman on the team, so it was lovely to hang with them for a bit. Walked home and crashed.

2. Up early and Trent and Pilot take me to the Philosopher's Way Trail Race. Lots of running friends. I raced the 15k and it felt great. I was worried about running so soon after the half, but my legs felt great and I passed TONS of people. Fun stuff. Quickly rode my bike home afterwards.

3. Showered and to the bike shop. Trent worked for me since I was late finishing the race and he stayed and worked on my bike and we hung out with lots of biking folks. Such a mellow shop, and fun to see everyone in Carrboro. It became kind of windy and it was not busy so had time to have a nice chat with Haley and clean and organize the store (my favorite!).

4. Home, exhausted. Fantastic nap with Pilot and sweet potatoes for dinner. Then off to meet up with our old neighbor Patrick who had just been hooded for his doctorate in political science. We walked to a friend of his house and hung out with all the amazingly smart doctoral students and newly minted doctors. Lots of politics, history, library science (really) discussions. Finally walked home and crashed.

5. Up and walked to brunch with Pilot. We met up with Amanda and her mom and Stephen. Fun to have a mom to celebrate with on Mother's Day (though it made me miss mine even more). Pilot was great, and The Station brunches are my favorite. Walked home and I headed over to the bike shop. Things were really slow there so the manager let me leave early. Awesome. Home to find Trent had done amazing things to the yard. Played for a bit and then reluctantly headed to lab. I am trying to wrap up my research before my conference next week and very very busy. But it is coming together.

6. Home to make pizzas and chat with Su and Chris who just got married (we were dog sitting all week for them). Lots of hours spent making figures while Trent got into the show 24. Late late night but worth it for a good meeting with my boss on Monday morning.

Busy weekend, truly Carrboro. I feel like I need another weekend. But hopefully I will finish up this poster and then we are planning on going to the beach for the weekend so I will get to relax and be lazy!

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