Friday, September 10, 2010


Enough. I am done mourning. Thanks to Amazon, Trent has a new backpack, new textbooks, and a new lappy on the way. We have our insurance claim ready to send in and I am ready to put this behind me.

Things that have been making me happy:

1. Getting ready for my presentation at the Genetics Retreat. 200+ scientists better be ready for some awesome science.

2. My fall garden is sprouting. Hooray for finally being cool enough to grow lettuce, brocolli and collard greens!

3. Good friends. We cooked up wayyyy to much food last night and one text message later had our dear friends Stephen and Amanda joining us.

4. Planning parties. Mr. T's birthday is right around the corner and we have a pretty awesome shindig planned. Details soon.

5. Wearing 3" shorts in September. Oh South.. I do kind of love you. The weather is so amazing right now.. makes you immediately forget the hottest summer ever.

6. Fall clothes. My search for new boots has started again. Every year... maybe this will be my lucky one?! Kind of excited about wearing pants again, I have to admit.

7. Since our time together is so short, I've been loving that it has been more special. Cooking dinners together, walking the dog. We might only have an hour a day uninterrupted, but we'll sure make the best of it.

8. Big old long run tomorrow. Thinking 15 miles. Wahooo....

9. KID Collective and other blogs that have awesome mix tapes (man, I love mix tapes) that make running 15 miles sound reasonable.

10. Zumba. Deirdre and I have made a weekly date of it. I think it is so important to be able to shake and jump and clap and be silly and relaxed. Best therapy ever :)

Happy Weekend!

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casey said...

hi! glad you like the mix tapes! i'm hoping to do another series at some point.