Thursday, September 09, 2010

Happy Ending...

Not to our break-in, unfortunately. Still no updates on that. Our neighbors were also robbed at the same time and the two fellas that live there dedicating lots of time and effort to tracking the crooks down (a little vigilante justice style) but T and I have too much on our plates already to be sneaking around in bushes in the middle of the night. Fingers crossed someone plugs in our computers soon!

But, there is a nice resolution from this crazy weekend. Trent went out for drinks last night with a scholarship coordinator who was down from New York to do interviews. She called and said she was at a bar chatting up a very nice MPH student who was the hostess.

When Trent arrived... it was the girl who we found passed out on the street Sunday morning! She didn't remember anything about lying on the street, or us, or the EMTs, but started to remember things once she was at the hospital. Scary!! She is a first year MPH student in the Maternal and Child Health section and originally from California. She'd had a seizure before, but many years ago. She is having all sorts of tests done but hopefully will be okay. Trent told her all about Road ID's and the plenty of people in Chapel Hill/Carrboro/UNC that would be happy to run with her. So happy she was okay, what a small world!

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