Friday, May 06, 2011


Public Health Prom Night. We even made corsages!

Sorry for the lack of posting... just trying to soak up all the Trent time I can before he heads out (Monday!!!) for his summer internship in Oakland. He is going to do great out there, I am so proud of him for finding his passion and following his ambitions. I am so excited about all our adventures ahead.

Spring has been great, the dogs are simply wonderful and it is the best garden I've had to date. Trying to keep up on all the veggies from our CSA and playing with all the lovely babies our friends were nice enough to provide for us. Manuscript is tantalizingly close to being done and I am finally starting to be really proud of it. Just one more tricky experiment to finish up and dunzo! I have a new undergraduate starting with me next week, after my previous two just graduated off to big and bright futures (one got a full ride to Eastern Carolina University medical school and one is heading to Princeton for graduate school... good job Mentor Jean!).

Anxious about this summer, but so happy to think of all the lovely friends who will be supporting me and the fabulous vacations ahead.

I am loving being a LUNA Chix!

End of year public health picnic, and Turquoise's birthday!

Porter and his papa. These fellas make me so happy. Pilot is our running buddy, Porter is our social butterfly.

Summer snuggle friend.

Heading to White Lake this afternoon for our big half-Ironman race tomorrow. I have goals... but we'll see how it goes! Excited to spend the entire weekend with some of our best friends and cheering on first time triathletes. Lots of pictures to come! Have a wonderful weekend.

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