Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One Week

It has been one week since Trent left. I am surviving. I hate to say thriving, but man, I am learning some things. I miss him more than anything, but I am also so keen on taking this opportunity to get to know my self and realize "I've got this" (that was my mantra during the awesome bike portion of the half-Ironman).

This is gonna be rambling, and mushy... apologies ahead of time. To the LIST

1. Frozen food from Trader Joe's is the best thing for a "single gal." That and being forced to eat pounds of kale and collard greens on a daily basis to keep up with the CSA.

2. I am utilizing the two CSA's I will be missing for Hawaii as thank you gifts for rides to the airport (Deirdre) and dog/house-sitting (Heather). I love that in Carrboro veg is a valuable currency!

3. I've been hanging out with a couple stellar undergrads. They remind me of those awesome years and how fun it is to have the entire world ahead of them. One is Heather, a tri friend who we reconnected with during White Lake and lives down the street. She'll be staying here with the pups. We are going to see a show at Johnny's tomorrow.. sounds just delightful.

4. I hope they leave college with all the great memories and the ridiculously awesome friends I lucked out with.

5. As part of LUNA team, Rebecca and I volunteered at a little kid triathlon. If you ever need a huge lift of spirits, try riding your bike around while little-bitties ride their hearts out for 5 miles. It was SO much fun to cheer them on.

6. Speaking of cheering... I had a lovely phone conversation with my nephew Tim yesterday. I probably haven't seen that kid (yes, he is 22 but he is still a kid... otherwise I am old...) in 5 years but we had a very nice chat. So fun to catch up, family is my favorite. Thinking perhaps my darling mother told family to keep in touch with one lonely JeanBean... which is awesome. Otherwise, not sure how we re-connected. But it was great.

7. However, it might have been a little cheezy on my part. In searching for pup vaccine records in our filing cabinet I came across my file of "Things that make me smile." Lovely letters from family and friends, pictures of my childhood, sweet letters from Trent when I was away in La Paz and Costa Rica (and the first birthday card he ever gave me, from the awesome surprise party my roomies threw me, where I managed to light my hair on fire blowing on candles... but he brought me cookies and sorta awkwardly signed the card "love, Trent." Oh if he only knew how true! Anyways, I was riding this incredible reminiscing high right when he called and I was in love with science, school, family, the universe. It was definitely cheeze-ball.. but oh well.

8. I've had some stellar influences in my life. And, my graduate school application essay restored my faith in my love of science.

9. I was also high from a wonderful yoga class. Someday I will tell you all about how yoga changed my life and how Lori quite possibly is responsible... but this post is already cheezy enough.

10. You know what also restored my faith in science? FINISHING THAT AWFUL TRICKY EXPERIMENT. I was in the dark room developing the film and couldn't bring myself to turn the light on to see if it worked. Luckily another grad student walked in, and asked if he could turn the lights on. He did, and I saw the film... and started bawling. Poor fella. But I explained, and he totally understood. It is a community, of total nerds, but such a community. My boss left for Amsterdam today to present my work to some big folks in the field, and now he can tell the complete story!!

11. I also felt accomplished yesterday as I capably bathed both stinky dogs in preparation for their check ups today. Not an easy task. Neither was wrangling them through the appointment. They both passed their exams with flying colors, everyone always comments on how handsome Pilot is, and how sweet and snuggly Porter is. Pilot cried the whole time they were working on Porter. Love my sweet boys. Plus, Porter got the green light to start running with me! Training begins.

12. Speaking of training, Deirdre has enlisted my help as a "personal trainer." This gives me so much joy. We had a great boot-camp style workout this evening, some great endorphins and sweating. Very proud of her and her recent life decisions. I have been doing lots of "pop-ups" in preparation for HAWAII!!! I miss surfing so.

13. I have realized that my TV doppelganger is Rob Lowe's character on "Parks and Recreation." Think about it... post-it notes, chia seeds and crazy teas, slightly maniacal exercising, enthusiasm. I am owning it. I have started saying LITERALLY a lot more.

14. Plus... I've joined the "barefoot running" cohort. Trent and I are both rocking the New Balance Minimus... such a fan. The new generation of shoes realize that my pinkie toe is more of a vestigial organ than anything and does not need its own little toe slot. Plus they are way cuter.

15. I've also... mostly by panicking trying to eat all the eggs and veg from the CSA (plus frozen fish from TJ's) pretty much switched to a paleo-diet. I am not endorsing this.. I can't stomach all that meat, but I definitely think I am gluten-sensitive. Good to know.

And well, since that brings us back around to the beginning, seems like a good place to stop. Plus I have got to go to bed. Still working on that with Trent away. But otherwise.. I am good. Probably helps that I get to see my darling in just a few days, but ya... I am happy. Thanks to all of you for all the joy you give to me.

especially phone calls with my bubs while listening to The Beautiful Girls after a lovely shower with the windows open. "After All This Time" is my jam this summer :) I know you are loving this photobooth stuff.. right?

lovely photo at the top from the gorgeous blog http://aurajoon.blogspot.com/
the teabag says "you must know that you can swim through every tide and change of time" i've got this...

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Dorothy said...

I laughed so hard at your comments on getting *the* experiment to work. Congrats! Science can be so extremely satisfying, that's what keeps us going right? Have a wonderful trip!