Monday, December 12, 2011

Oyster Roast

I've noticed several instances that make me feel like we should maybe move to Connecticutt instead...

My recent hobbies have included sculling and horseback riding.

Our dogs wear Baker coats.

We both wear Sperry-topsiders. At the boat house. C'mon.

But my favorite New England activity recently was a big, lovely, oyster roast a friend hosted. She brought in crates and crates of oysters from the NC sound and we tossed them in bunches in the fire. Spritzed with fresh lemon and a dash of Old Bay, they were incredible. I ate SO many.

However, there definitely was a NC twist on it... we all drank cider and homebrewed beer out of mason jars, there was a big, fantastic, bonfire, and a huge batch of cornbread made with bacon fat. Ohmygoodness delicious!

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