Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!

This holiday totally snuck up on me, after the awesome trip to California and all the ten-thousand things that have kept me insanely busy. But I do love this day, and we managed to throw together some pretty sweet last minute costumes and had a great evening hanging with our awesome new neighbor, going to a professor's annual Halloween party with all our Bio Homies and then doing the obligatory cruise down Franklin Street. It was a madhouse, as usual, but everyone seemed to have gone all out on the costumes and good cheer.. which I love.

Hope you all had wonderful Halloweens as well!!

This picture was taken by our computer! Craziness. Get it, Major Nelson and the Jeanie? From "I Dream of Jeanie." Surprisingly, after almost 25 years with this name.. this is my first time dressing up like one!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!