Thursday, January 03, 2008

House Updates

Soooooo... big news. All throughout our lovely pre-christmas mountain getaway (pictures to come, it was fabulous), we dealt with this house stuff. I presumed that the holidays would ensure a few days off of decision making, but we were wrong. The entire trip, we were going back and forth, pros and cons, offers counter-offers. Finally we were sick of it, made a final offer that could stand for a week, and the sellers could decide. Or we were walking away.

The gamble paid off. Day after Christmas, in the parking lot of Trader Joe's, we got the call. They accepted our offer! We are still jumping through all the inspection, mortgage and getting court approval (the house has some weird ownership situations) hoops, but if everything goes well, we will close Jan. 22nd!!

We are planning on not moving in until March 1st, and utilizing the time to refinish the wood floors, re-tiling the bathroom and kitchen, and other big jobs that will be easier without furniture. Then once spring comes, lots of landscaping, putting up a fence, and little fixes. Trent is very excited about picking out dishwashers and other appliances, I am excited about the garden and decorating. It (hopefully) is going to be a blast!

Here are some pictures, from the seller's page, so it was spring and pretty and green when these were taken:

Front of House:


Livingroom other direction:

Master Bedroom:


It is a three bedroom, one bath. One bedroom is going to be an office/tv room, and Trent wants to put a half bath in the master bedroom. It is cool because it backs up right to a city park, and is on a very quiet street. Keep your fingers crossed!