Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Seems to be the cool thing to do. What to do for the coming year. What we hope to achieve; marathons, languages, style goals. My list.. a bit different. Presenting:

What NOT to do in 2008

Time to set some limits. Let's do this thing:

1. Don't sign up for every committee. Seriously. Do a good job with the ones I am on, be the best-est darn BGSA president, help (a bit) with recruitment, work hard for CMB (because they give me sweet sweet money), but that's it. Just say no to more committees!

2. Don't be so hard on myself. This is going to take more than a year, but I can keep working on it.

3. Don't be so competitive. Wait. Well, let me rephrase. Be competitive, within reason. Like, yes, be the best grad student, president, girlfriend, etc. Don't panic about beating adult, crazy, men in triathlons.

4. Don't do so many races. I am definitely doing the Boston Marathon, and I think I am going to sign up for two triathlons. And that's it. Just do a couple, but do them SUPER well. Give them my best shot, train well for them, and no excuses.

5. Don't bug Trent to pick a washer/dryer/dishwasher/fridge/oven. The boy loves this stuff. This house (updates to come!) is going to be a huge test of how we can work together to make something awesome. Let him spend 50 hours comparing various eco-efficient ranges.

6. Don't put off what makes me happy. Get that dog! Bijoouuuuuuuu.

7. Don't forget old friends, but don't be complacent and forget that it is great to make new ones. Especially ones outside of the lab.

8. Don't be afraid to put someone completely in the spotlight. Everyone deserves their time to shine.

9. Don't be afraid to stand up for myself in lab. I am a darn good scientist. Go get that project. Don't let Miss Slackerpants get it. See #3.

10. Don't lose sight of what is most important, friends, health, kindness, love, my dreams and goals, family, Trent. Don't sweat the small stuff, do my best for the big stuff.

Hope everyone has a 2008 filled with success, joy, peace and happiness!