Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Just need to share a few good things:

1. I found the gene I have been searching for. 21 on my list of 80. Not too shabby.

2. Our new potential home appraised for MORE THAN WE AGREED TO PAY FOR! Whoohoo.

3. It is my anniversary today. I am so luck y to have spent 6 years with such a fabulous companion.

4. I've been crazy luck about getting basketball tickets, so the Bubs and I are heading to a UNC-Chapel Hill vs UNC-Asheville game tonight. Should be a good one. And we got tickets to the UNC vs. NC State game on Saturday which is even more awesome.

5. I am in no way a party planner, but I managed to pull off a dinner party at a faculty member's house for 50 people, breakfast at hotel for the speakers and their hosts and a fancy-dancy dinner for the speakers and those in my program involved in organizing the symposium my training grant group was in charge of planning. It was awful, I hated planning it, but no one else stepped up to the plate and I think I did a good job and hopefully everything goes smoothly this week!

Too bad all my science went terribly today, I guess you can't win them all. Might as well just go home! Sounds good to me!