Monday, March 03, 2008


And we are in!

Man, moving is SO not fun. Not even the moving, really, but dealing with all the little loose ends and cleaning and realizing how much stuff you have accumulated and how dirty the little cottage was. Yuckers. Luckily we had a nice chat with our landlord Friday night and he gave us the entire weekend to move out, instead of having to be out by Friday, which was pretty absolutely necessary looking back on it. We even had some free time to hang out with our now "old" neighbor in the cottages Friday night, I went running Saturday morning and Trent went to crew practice, and we went to Weaver Street for breakfast and studying on Sunday morning.

But other than that, straight moving. And working on the house. I was utterly exhausted yesterday, after carrying lots of wood turning equipment and scrubbing walls. I had a particularly nasty spill involving an unsteady brick and a file cabinet full of tools, but all in all we survived.

And it is starting to look nice. Our bedroom looks AWESOME, even with the dining room table temporarily living in it. The guest room is stacked with boxes and bikes, and the office has a little functional area, but the rest is temporary kitchen. We mopped and arranged the living room furniture and it has the semblance of a home! I learned a ton about installing electrical and plumbing and the water heater should be functional in a couple days. Then we have to just get everything inspected to make sure we aren't about to flood or burn down the house, and we can start putting the kitchen back together.

My first bike ride this morning only took about 15 minutes, which seems reasonable. Nice and flat, not too much traffic. Our first night was quiet and I have enjoyed being woken up by the sun (not all the windows have curtains yet). Tonight I am expanding my microwave cooking skills. This house is really our home!