Friday, May 16, 2008

Class of 2001 Representing!

Check out the adorable little ones my dear highschool friends have managed to create. I feel lucky if I comb my hair in the morning. I am terribly impressed, and wanted to show off.

Baby Roman. I was a bridesmaid at his parent's wedding years ago and I know he was eagerly anticipated and from the looks of it, he was worth the wait. What a handsome fella! Seems to be quite content to hang out with his grandma.

Skyler's mom and I met in second grade. It seems like yesterday! Now she has a baby. Craziness. She used to have the best birthday parties, they always involved elaborate crafts, like puff-painting shirts and painting picture frames. I bet this fella will be just as wonderful as his parents.

Just wanted to share, you can never have enough cute baby pictures!