Thursday, May 15, 2008

House Updates 3

Outside of the kitchen things have been happening as well. We spent a lot of the previous weekend attacking the yard with a borrowed weedwacker and pushmower, and then this last weekend we were gifted this lawnmower from our tri-professor friend. So much easier than the push. I mowed the whole yard Saturday and it looked great. Almost ready for the fence!!
And we are making surprisingly good progress with a ridiculous situation involving some dead trees and the home owners association across the street, looks like they are going to take care of removing the rest of them. Yay!
Our mystery fruit tree continues to do great. Any guesses? I am thinking apricot? Can't wait to find out!

We went antiquing on Sunday and found this awesome china cabinet. The sweet ladies gave us a great deal, it fit in the Subaru (seriously, this car is awesome), and it is ours. It isn't going to live there, just a temporary home. I can't wait to hang up my tea cups!

Yesterday morning, we headed out before work to pick up this gem of a buffet from perhaps the nicest craigslist transaction I have ever had. Super sweet lady was SO excited to know her beloved buffet was going to a new couple starting their first home. It was super cheesy and I was loving it! This will live in the guest room, and act as a media cabinet and storage for the guest bed linens. I love that we are getting nice pieces that each have a story and are each a great deal. Seriously, we are probably breaking some record for completely redoing and refurnishing a house for the least amount of money. We are awesome at this.