Thursday, May 15, 2008

Long Day Last Saturday

Some pictures from last weekend. We left Chapel Hill around 5pm Friday and drove to White Lake, for Trent's half Ironman, same one he did last year. Trent tried to sleep most of the way, I tried to re-pay him for driving most of the way to Boston and back. Easy trip out there, crashed at the same cabin UNC had last year, although it wasn't as crowded as last year. To bed early.

Trent was up before dawn, eating and prepping. I woke up and wandered around taking pictures of a time of day I rarely see. Such a pretty place.

Trent was nervous about this race. All the work/crew/class/volunteering/house fixing had not left much time for training. But he had a great attitude going in and is super talented, so I wasn't worried. Such a happy camper, for 6am.

He got all psyched up and raring to go, and had a great race. Some issues with losing all the food he had in his jersey during the swim-bike transition, but he powered through both the swim and the bike with no problem. His average was hardly slower than last years when he trained like crazy! I ran the last 7 miles of the half marathon with him, cheering and coaching and providing lots of energy gu. Such a good girlfriend.

He was pretty darn exhausted when it was all over. 5 hours, 50 minutes, just a bit slower than last year, but he actually placed higher. He ate lots of the food, cooled his legs in the lake, and took a quick nap before we decided to head home (and our car was finally able to leave the crowded lot). He slept most of the way home, but luckily decided to call his fellow crew coach when we were about 30 minutes out to verify that the end of year crew banquet started at 7. Nope, it started at 6. And it was currently 5:30. Quickest and most drastic change ever, from stinky spandex to fancy clothes in 10 minutes, and we were off!

Trent and his fellow coach Adam, roasting all their first year rowers. They came up with cute "most likely to..'s" for everyone. Everyone was amazed that Trent was awake and walking around, but he was surprisingly fine.

His rowers said very sweet things about him and gave him presents, including a new chalk ball for climbing, cycling socks, a REI gift certificate and a gift certificate for a local restaurant. They really know him! It is lovely to see the person you love be appreciated for all the hard work he does, I had a great time.

These are all the coaches and the three senior rowers who are graduating. I've said it before, but I am always blown away by how close knit crew teams are, they really bond out there, and there are some of the sweetest guys. It was a fun evening, capped of by taking the seniors for beer at a local bar before Trent finally crashed and slept for nearly all of Sunday. Just thought I would share some pictures!