Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Recap

Oh the joys of kickball. Adults playing childhood games while drinking PBR. It is quintessential summer.

We had a fantastic summer weekend including;

1) SO SO much yard work. I landscaped the back of the house with on sale plants I found. Lots of lantanas, sages, lavenders and butterfly bush. It looks 200% times better. Even better, the shed is fully operational so no more tools in the hallway!! Hooray. We took down some kitchen cabinets and shelves, rearranged and repainted and put some back up. Much better organization.. it is going to look fantastic.

2) Two bbq get-togethers. That were very different. BBQ #1, very awkward because the hosts did not introduce the guests and no one knew each other. So despite our best efforts, Trent, Deirdre and I kept mingling with each other. BBQ #2, at Deirdre's.. was awesome. Amazing food, excellent folks, swimming in the pool. It was blazing hot, but such a blast.

3) Another late evening walk through the forest. With tons of fireflies and another tiny frog for me to carry. Awesome.

4) We volunteered at a family triathlon Sunday morning. It was great, we were really needed and we got to ride our bikes around the lovely countryside. Trent had to call the ambulance for one crash, but he was fine. Otherwise, no injuries or heatstroke. Very fortunate. Felt good to help out.

5) Secret cooking project with an incredibly awesome friend. Fancy roast chickens, a decadent chocolate/coffee/pecan fudge cake. Bonus for similar measuring skills (ya, that's about half a cup) and using our newly redesigned kitchen.

Boss is back in town this week, tons of experiments to do. Wedding planning is chugging along and can't wait to see the invitations! OH, and our Christmas gardenia, which nearly died living inside, is a happy camper planted in the yard and has FOUR blossoms right now. I spent lots of time breathing deeply next to the plant. I am so happy!