Tuesday, July 21, 2009


A few things:

1. I've been craving pho like it is going out of style. Which is a fairly terrible thing to crave when it is 90 degrees and 90% humidity. Oh but man, that broth with noodles and basil and cilantro and jalapenos and spicy spicy rooster sauce. Heaven.

2. I found an awesome hair situation. There is a woman who is apprenticing at a fancy salon in town. She cut my hair yesterday, for free, since she was training. But she is awesome. So careful and the main stylist was there to help and it was terrific. I felt like I was a good challenge for her since Trent has been cutting my hair the past few months. There was some craziness going on in there.

3. After taking a break from yoga, I am back at the studio. And I love it. Hopefully it is the closest thing to therapy I will ever pay for. My arms are SO sore though.

4. Science. My work is taking off. Super exciting times. But I am having to deal with a fairly ridiculous lab mate who may be trying to scoop me? Are you kidding? You can't compete with this.

5. I got a running skirt. From my sponsor company. I think I love it, but I am fairly certain I look ridiculous running in it. I'll let you know what the final verdict is.

That's what I am thinking about today. Oh and here's another cute baby pic. Because she is gorgeous!!