Wednesday, July 22, 2009

domestic bliss

Last night I got home from an intense spin class to find Trent and Sadie building a stone wall in our backyard that is the starting point for a terrific patio.

Trent had roasted a chicken in the LeCru (seriously, I love this thing) and I steamed up some collard greens to go along with it. We tossed the bones back in the magical cast iron pot and started boiling it up.

Decided to take a long walk with the Sadie (she was so confused, usually we only run!) and were enchanted by fireflies, inspired by lots of lovely yards, and delighted to catch tiny frogs. Well, I was.

Home to a house that smelled like all good things. Kiwis and blueberries for dessert. I read my book on the history of the CDC (so interesting, also so terrifying!) and Trent wrote blog posts for Unplgged.

Asleep by 10.