Friday, August 20, 2010

Filming Trip with the Family

Some pictures from our "working" portion of our trip. We flew to Boston, spent the night in Cambridge and then drove up to Chocorua, New Hampshire to film. This is Lake Chocorua, which we finally managed to swim in our last day there. We were busy filming assistants!

We spent the better part of one day filming our "talent" reading his lines and doing all the voice-overs. We were in a great 1910 house that was originally built for Smith College's faculty retreat, but is currently owned by a lovely, sassy, lady. Brought back lots of memories, holding cue cards and wiring microphones.

Lunch with the crew, the talent, the host of the house and her sweet dog.

We spent a morning filming a local potter, who was so nice. Definitely inspired to take a pottery class! Beautiful scenery, and blissfully cool weather!

The potter's shop. It was a converted barn. So awesome. And we came home with two great mugs!

Trent was a champ, being filmed "waking up" and putting on his pants to use as images representing how routines make our lives so much easier and let us focus on more important things. This picture is hilarious. What a trooper.

Trent "waking up." He has a future in acting!

Brief time out at Lake Chocorua on one of our many drives from our lodge to town and back.

More filming, love the action shot.

Cool covered bridge. Trent and I snuck away most mornings for hikes in the mountains and swims in the river. Exhausting, but gorgeous!

I love this picture showing how similar my mom and I are. Look at our matching outfits and inability to keep our shirts right!

Greg, our camera man. I've known this guy forever, he is practically family. Fun to hang out with him during our sparing free time.

Father and daughter watching the filming of the potter. Love it.

Mom as producer extraordinaire. She was SO busy this trip, managing everyone, keeping us on schedule, wrangling some fairly crazy folks. I was so impressed and so happy Trent and I got to help her out.

Next up... Cape Cod!


Lesley said...

thats a great picture of Fran

MrsEm said...

No pants! Poor Trent :) We should compare his "wake-up" acting with yours from about 20 years ago.

Very cute pics!