Monday, August 02, 2010

Highligths from last week

1. Trent got home. He had a wonderful trip, both places were great but we are dying to go back to Portugal. It is a European San Francisco!

2. We've also decided that we must get Fulbright scholarships and spend a year somewhere fun. Life plan!

3. Trent and I volunteered at the student run free clinic on Wednesday. T was the public health coordinator and the other public health volunteer didn't show, so I got to play one. It was really interesting to talk to people about their diet and exercise, slightly tricky to discuss self exams for breast or testicular cancer and their sex lives, but I am happy I did it. Such an eye opener.

4. Met up with Stephen and Amanda afterward to celebrate his birthday with cake (and eating their leftovers from dinner, we were starving!) and then to the Station to drink High Life and eat nachos... too much healthy discussions for one day!

5. Thursday we installed new windows in the office. We are nearly done (just our bedroom) replacing all of them. However, we only install new windows when it is either snowing or 100 degrees and buggy outside. We installed the first set without a hitch, but the second one was a doozy. I think we were getting too confident. The old window shattered as we were pulling it out, cutting Trent's foot which immediately started bleeding like crazy. I am very pleased that I did not panic (no sitting on anyone) but we quickly got the bleeding stopped and the glass vacuumed up while every bug in Carrboro came into the office. We installed the second window and then took a break to really clean up his cut (not too bad at all, actually) and treated ourselves to frozen yogurt and watching an amazing thunderstorm roll in.

6. FridayTrent worked on the windows (new molding!) while I went to yoga. Met up afterward for dinner at Weaver Street. Vino verde, big loaf of sourdough and local cheese. Delish. Met up with some friends randomly and Pilot was loved on by three adorable kiddos.

7. Up early to ride to Saxpawhaw. It was gloriously cool and overcast, we had to take advantage. Stephen came along and we rode in the countryside for about 20 miles. I'd heard great things about the Saxpawhaw General Store's breakfast and we weren't disappointed. Local everything and so much better after having to bike to get it. Different route home that was a bit less scenic, but arrived back in Carrboro just as the rain started up.

8. Long showers and watching Fantastic Mr. Fox while Trent kept working on the windows. Stephen and Trent went to Lowe's and Trader Joe's while I napped and started cooking. We were planning on heading up to Pilot Mountain to camp and then climb on Sunday, but everyone bailed and it was pretty stormy so we decided to stay home.

9. Homemade pizzas with fresh basil, garlic, mushrooms and anchovies (I am determined to eat more fatty fish!) and lots of episodes of Mad Men. We are obsessed.

10. Sunday morning was still cool and overcast. Took the opportunity to get a good long run in. Pilot came with me for 20 minutes then back home where Stephen and Jersey had come over to visit. S took them both on another walk while I headed out again. Lovely long run, about 1:40 total. Felt so good to run in the cooler weather, I couldn't stop.

11. Long shower and half a watermelon and a spinach smoothie to rehydrate. Massive housecleaning the rest of the afternoon, tons of laundry, scrubbed floors, dusted everywhere. Felt great. Trent finished up the windows (they look terrific) and Pilot's friend Abby came over to play. Homemade pinto beans, spinach, and rice for dinner and a couple more Mad Men episodes. We were all konked out (I laid down to read around 9 and passed out, will call tonight parents!) and happy in our clean house with clean sheets.

Boss is still out of town, and both undergraduates are gone. Hard to have all the work come back to me but I am determined to get some things done before our upcoming vacation next week! Happy first week of August!


MrsEm said...

Well done, non-panicker!

PS: when you say "cool", what kind of temperatures are we talking about?

MissScientistSF said...

It was in the 70's! And foggy! Absolutely boggling. It is in the high 80's again now.