Monday, August 30, 2010


Last week was the first week of school. New backpacks, books, and schedules. It is a bit melancholy for me, usually, as I am trucking along at the same and same, envious of the optimism and freshness a new year brings. I've said it before, but my first year of college was one of the best years of my life.

But this year is different. Trent is back to school. He started his Masters in Public Health, emphasis in Health Education and Health Behavior (they are called HeBe for short). He had orientations, welcome potlucks, incredible amounts of socialization, new schedules to remember, and classes to find. I've been living vicariously through his first few days and enjoying the intensity that happens when 30 people who all have the same interest finally find each other. I remember it fondly.

He is taking 3 classes, one being a Science Film and TV class, in which he will make a 7 minute documentary on renewable resources. He has lots of reading and group projects already. He will still be working at UNC for the Honors department, helping students apply to scholarships, and will have an assistant coach role with the men's crew team. Busy fella. It's going to be a change in our lives for sure.

But I am trying to capitalize on the new year and the changes in our day to day. For me, September, far beyond a cold night in January, feels like the time for resolutions. I'll be highlighting some of mine this week. This weekend was a great start, including:

1. A very rowdy Saturday night with good friends, playing silly games and dancing in the street.

2. Deciding on Friday night that I didn't really feel like being rowdy, and going to bed early while Trent played with his new friends.

3. Running early Saturday morning, first at 7:30 with the Trailheads, a local running group, and Paul and Trent, and then again with Alyse who I am helping train for her first half-marathon. Almost two hours in the trails... lovely!

4. Biking with my lovely group of girls Sunday morning. Sheila, Becca, Amanda, and a newcomer, Aditi. I feel so fortunate to have these girls in my life. They are truly mentors and I feel like I am storing up so many good ideas about families and babies and careers from them. Plus, they are stellar cyclists and keep me pushing myself in something I am not naturally that great at.

5. Lovely bbq with Sheila, Paul and their adorable Mr. Alex, Becca and her hilarious Eaden (toddlers and our yard/puppy was the best!!), Stephen with his two broken arms (that's a story) and Amanda with her precious cargo, and our neighbor Dave. Good food, fun conversations, finally cool enough to eat on the patio again.

6. A ridiculously great nap postbike ride on Sunday. Followed by an epic back to school shopping trip (thanks parents!) to Old Navy, Marshalls, and Walmart. Straight classy, I tell ya. We washed it all off with lunch at Whole Foods :)

7. Being a supportive spouse at Trent's department cookout. I mingled like crazy and was so happy to be able to support Trent after all the biology events he's gone to. They are a really interesting and diverse group of people, I had a blast.

8. Lovely chat with my dear Hales. She makes me smile.

Busy busy weekend and a full week ahead. We are hoping to sneak to the beach this weekend with Thomas and his beach house to relax before we get too swamped. I am *this* close to finishing this paper... and of course nothing is cooperating. Just gotta keep trucking.

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