Monday, October 04, 2010


This last week was half "Trent's birthday week," half "Anniversary Month" celebrations. Perfection! Events included:

1. Dinner Thursday night at Margaret's Cantina. We've been meaning to go there forever, really healthy, organic, authentic Mexican?! We meant to go last weekend, but were not feeling fully recovered from the crime spree party until later in the week. Delicious!

2. Trent surprised me with Ozomatli tickets for Friday night. One of my favorite bands. The venue wasn't optimal (on campus at our fancy Memorial Hall) but I still got to dance like crazy in my little area and ran into lots of folks we knew from campus. Debated meeting up with rowers afterward, but instead walked home, stopping in bars along the way to wave/hug friends, but kept moving.

3. Up early for a Carrboro 10k race. Met up with Paul and Sheila, and baby Alex, and Rebecca and Erik and their baby Hayden. The boys pushed the babies in their strollers, Amanda came and joined Rebecca (both are 3.5-4 months pregnant, adorable) and Sheila and I raced! I was happy with my 7:24/mile average, especially after taking a couple weeks off for health stuff. Lots of mingling afterward with the awesome Carrboro running community, including my boss! Trent and Pilot had a blast playing with all the kiddos too.

4. Home to shower and then meet up with Paul and Sheila, Amanda and our neighbor Alyse who also ran the race for breakfast at Weaver St. Lovely time chatting and eating with good friends.

5. Lots of grocery shopping, then home for a quick nap before massive house cleaning.

6. Hosting lab potluck! We are social butterflies. Good thing we have a great patio. My entire lab came over and we grilled and chatted. It was a lovely fall day, perfect weather for sitting around the fire pit and roasting marshmellos. My boss's 6 year old daughter LOVED it. As did Pilot (he loves company). Everyone went home around 9:30, we watched Hulu and crashed.

7. Up for a lovely long run with Pilot in the forest. Ran into ALL sorts of dog and people friends. Trent headed to a cafe to work on his 10 page paper on Social Cognitive Theory (hooray Bandura!). Home and then off with Amanda to help pick out counter top and tile for their upcoming kitchen remodel. New cabinets, floors, counters, sink, the works! So exciting for them, also made me realize it was kind of nice being broke when we did our kitchen as there are SO many options out there if you aren't just scouring Craigslist and the "scratch and dent" section!

8. Home briefly and then off to lab for a quick visit with my flies. Met up with Trent who was taking a study break with his fellow student Clayton at the Orange County Social Club's block party. Fun bands, lots of hipster babies, free pulled pork. Perfect fall weather. Hung out for a bit then home where I finally crashed and watched some movie on Jesse James starring Brad Pitt and Trent worked on his paper.

Lovely weekend. Makes us realize it will be SO hard to leave this town, we have so many great connections and friends here.

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