Monday, October 11, 2010

Thinking of MO

Loving these pictures of April and her mom at our wedding last year. MO, as we called her growing up, played such a special part of my teenage years. We'd often get ready for dances and such at her house and we'd always get a pre-outing speech from her. We were the nerdiest, most gawky, most wonderfully naive little girls, but she'd always tell us we were beautiful and confident and that someday the perfect boy would come knocking down our doors.

And she was right. April and I both have wonderful husbands and stuck together at those awkward dances and made music videos instead. She's dealing with some health issues now and I am sending her all my love and best wishes.

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MrsEm said...

Many get well wishes for Mrs. Stein. Mom reported last night that she's on the road to recovery. So, so glad to hear it.