Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Oh goodness... things are humming along with my project. Which is REALLY exciting, there is lots of underground talk of graduating next summer and doing a mini-postdoc while Trent graduates, but it is also exhausting. Underground as I've been discussing this with many folks in the lab, Trent, even Pilot.. but not my boss yet. Someday....

I am happy to report today I completed my first quantitative reverse transcription PCR reaction. This is the closest to robotics I will get in a while and there was SO much math involved to set it up, but it worked! Hooray.

Dissecting tons of eye discs, my undergrad is setting up a 50 reaction PCR to screen for a recombinant fly that will give us tumors, things are moving along.

Votes for where we should go next?


Haley v. said...

Can I come visit before you leave :-) pease?
Maybe March 2011?
I vote West coast! Miss ya!

MissScientistSF said...

Yes!! Please come visit. Spring is great here.