Friday, December 03, 2010

Birthday Swag

In addition to our long hike at the Eno River, a swanky brunch at Watts Grocery and an excellent evening out dancing with friends, I also received a lot of very thoughtful gifts! Hooray for birthdays.

Mom snagged the Bridge and Burn jacket I'd been eyeing for weeks and I now wear it nearly every day (our fishmonger asked me where I got it and just got one herself. I love that we have a fishmonger).

Emily upped my fanciness level about 100 points with lovely Tiffany bead earrings.

And Trent recognized that if he wants to ride his bike again, he'd have to find me a matching one. So he is currently building me a CAAD9. I am thrilled. We're going to be that matching cycling couple... awesome. This isn't my bike, but what it will look like when done.

Additionally, I received an Yvette Hill original ceramic bowl (so cool), a generous REI giftcard from the Johnsons, a Borders gift card from Aunt Lucie (can't wait to pick out my airplane book!), and a very sentimental dandelion plate from April. Lots of little goodies from lab-mates and friends here all leaving me feeling very loved. Thanks to everyone!!

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MrsEm said...

Yay! They're pretty basic earrings, but getting that blue box with white ribbon is too fun!