Monday, December 06, 2010

With our vacation just around the corner, it is crunch time around here in terms of finishing up work and getting healthy! Trent has his last three final presentations all this week so he was a maniac of group meetings and powerpoint planning. I am fighting off another cold (geez) which hasn't been incapacitating (except for preventing me from doing all the running I am dying to do) but I was ready to be done with it. I also finished up lots of reviews my boss dumped on me (awesome) and worked on my manuscript. But we did have some fun adventures, Deirdre's annual Bob Dylan Christmas party on Saturday as well as one of Trent's cohorts birthday parties. And it snowed! Which is unbelievable. And I did some lovely yoga and wrote lots of Christmas cards. While drinking hot chocolate, naturally.

T loves J. Even when they don't see each other often because they are so busy.

I swear the Subi is happier when it is in snow. It just feels right. Note the newly installed chicken wire above the fence. Somebody figured out he could easily hop the fence. And that is not gonna happen.

This was Pilot's first snow. He wanted to eat it all. And spaz out and run like crazy.

Running fool. We did have a fun outing to the dog park, which is his absolute favorite place.

Cutie patootie. Me and Mr. P spent lots of time together this weekend. He was my surrogate husb.

Mostly we napped together on the sofa. Pretty much 75% of Sunday was spent doing this. Why do I always look so serious when I am sleeping? Good news is I think I've finally kicked this cold.. fingers crossed.

Giant Mr. P. He is an awesome spooner, however. Makes my heart sing.

Remember when he was this tiny morsel? I can't believe my baby weighs 55 pounds now. But he is so so sweet and I love 'em like crazy. And I love Trent. But I am a opportunistic snuggler.

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Lesley said...

Pilot is so big! And totally adorable. Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks.