Wednesday, February 09, 2011


I donated blood yesterday. It was fantastic for a couple reasons.

1. I have been anemic for a while so donating was out of the question. Being anemic was bizarre for someone who eats spinach by the bagful. Turns out I wasn't eating enough healthy fats to actually access all that veggie goodness. More avocados, olive oil, and fish?!? Best prescription I've ever gotten. And it worked.

2. I am still a "baby-donor." So my lovely, iron-filled, O- blood is off saving babies lives. Gotta admit if feels good.

3. I didn't pass out or get dizzy at all. Despite having ridiculously low blood pressure (it was a new admitting nurse and she commented on my low heart rate "do you work out?" I said, "just wait until you see my blood pressure!" She was amazed). I chatted with volunteers, boogied to the music playing, and was done in record time.

4. Trent cooked me delicious turkey burgers covered in avocados for dinner (see #1). Wonderful. I was a total bum and laid around on the sofa. A mandatory break from working out was a pretty nice bonus.

Go donate!

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