Monday, February 07, 2011

This Year So Far

Ya, I have fallen off the blogging wagon. I haven't been feeling it, to be honest. And I have been a busy busy bee. But I do love the idea of everyone knowing what is going on over here in C-boro, so I will be updating occasionally. Here is an uber-quick recap of the past month!

1. I am writing. Furiously writing. GLORY BE! It is so satisfying to have the figures done and be working on the story. We are hoping to submit to Genes and Development, I am optimistic but nervous.

2. I applied for a dissertation completion fellowship. Even if I don't get it (which I REALLY hope I do...) it was an awesome exercise in sitting down with my boss and planning my LAST YEAR of graduate school.

3. I definitely feel like I am at the helm more this year. I am not sure what clicked, but I realized that I am absolutely the only one driving this boat (my life) and I need to be the best captain I can be.

4. I also feel like that tiny dog at the dark park who is absolutely not afraid of all the big dogs, but secretly is terrified. I think that is my current "spirit" animal at work these days.

5. I've learned to embrace my confidence. I am not ashamed and no one can make me feel bad about it (talking to you crazy Committee Member professor). This goes back to #4.

6. I am a LUNA CHIX! Oh a total whim, I responded to a friends email suggesting I try out and viola... I am in. This is terrific. I will be in San Francisco for their annual conference from March 31-April 4th (hope to see Em and Rob, and perhaps borrow a bike??). The season is April to October and it will be a great opportunity to meet some fantastic women and give back a bit. Check out our team here (the group picture is from last year, but our individual profiles are updated).

7. We celebrated Alex and Pilot's birthday on the same day. My boys are great.

8. I helped co-host a baby shower for Amanda and Rebecca. Due April 1st and March 15th respectively. A boy and an unknown (I am rooting for a girl). Nothing like a new batch of spring babies!!

9. I am six weeks out from the Tobacco Trail Marathon. I ran 20 miles this weekend, ten by myself without music which was an interesting experience, and then ten with Stephen. We talked about babies, college athletics, and everything in between. It was a wonderful time. I am trying a different training program this time, either speed work or really long runs, not much in between. We'll see how it worked, right now I am just sore all the time.

10. I may have replaced a bad habit with a much less bad habit. But I am so excited to have gotten rid of the first bad habit, I am kind of okay with it.

11. Watching the first season of 30 Rock on Netflix is the best way to get long workouts in on the trainer.

12. Our weather is hilarious. 70 one day, 40 the next. Luckily, we've been getting enough breaks from the cold to make it bearable. And absolutely no snow, so we should thank our lucky stars.

13. We are pretty much set on living on a boat for our next move. It makes it very hard to buy anything new. Which is also pretty awesome.

14. We have some AWESOME friends. I feel so lucky. I love that I can go dancing and to a rowdy bar one night, and then to a quiet Ethiopian dinner the next. Undergrads, scientists, public healthers, bikers, runners, mothers, married and single. I am going to really hate leaving this town.

15. I've started to really appreciate having a super clean house. Why this has taken me 28 years, not sure.

16. I quit buying coffee everyday at work and instead reward myself with flowers every week. Priorities. I am at the helm! (My new mantra?)

17. I got third place at the Little River Trail Run. 10 mile trail run in the snow. I honestly think I ran so fast because I was terrified of slipping!

18. My desktop Gaspard et Lisa calendar makes me smile everyday. Especially the stickers for different occasions. They are eating ice cream sundaes this month. Thank you Emily!!

19. 'Nuff Said.

20. I try to have a smoothie with lots of spinach, frozen berries, yogurt, chia and flax seeds everyday. It is a wonderful thing.

21. April, gorgeous redheaded bridesmaid best friend, is coming to visit this April!! It is the carrot in my life right now. April is going to be the BEST month.

That's about all I can think of. We are doing good. Trent's back in class and trying to plan his summer practicum. Lots of opportunities. I will be so happy to have this manuscript done and am making fun plans for my last year here. Unbelievable!


Lesley said...

Thanks for the update :) I caved and bought an Israeli blender for my spinach smoothies, the magic bullet kept blowing out the converters.

MrsEm said...

Good update!

6. Yay!

10. Is the new habit tribal tattoos?

19. Too funny.

MissScientistSF said...

No tattoos, tribal or otherwise!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog! I started reading it when I was a grad student (found it through EmilyStyle) and your positive attitude was refreshing. The last year of your PhD is really the best - I found it was nice to finally feel competent and confident! I wish you all the best!
Dorothy (MrsScientistBoston)

MissScientistSF said...

Thank you Dorothy! Your kind words just made my day :)