Friday, February 25, 2011


1) The last time I saw my husband truly awake was Wednesday night. We had a wonderful time watching the UNC vs. State game at Thomas's apartment and then made a late night taco truck run. Then he got up early to go to crew practice, came home while I was at spinning, left before I got home to go to a Public Health department mixer. I got home, ate dinner, and was too exhausted to meet up. He got home after I was asleep... and I left super early to go swimming. We have a dinner date planned tonight, it will be nice to see him finally!

2) He doesn't have ringworm. Phew. Especially since we saw about 20 babies and pregnant people last weekend.

3) We have tickets to Kauai in May!! I am so excited for this family vacation to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. And we got first class tickets using our airline miles. Fancy pants, I tell ya. On the way there at least...

4) The last figure for this paper is turning into a real pain in the rear. Of course. Frustrating, but I will persevere. And then be DONE!

5) I just went to a talk which was lovely. I went to 4 lectures this week on totally disparate topics. I love lifelong learning. Today's talk was from a professor up in DC who was a graduate student in the lab I came to UNC to join. It was awesome to see someone who has made it and came from my same scenario. Her former PI was beaming the entire time, very cute to see. I think mitochondria are going to become SO important in the next few years, mark my words.

6) April and I have a countdown going until her visit... So excited.

7) I've been making these giant salads with half an avocado, a handful of kalamata olives, big dollop of roasted red pepper hummus, chopped veggies and a balsamic vinagrette dressing. Trent is sick of hearing me exclaim how amazingly good they are. But seriously, the best.

8) Nuun is amazing. The tangerine-ginger is my favorite flavor.

9) I should not listen to the Girl Talk album at work. Because I cannot help but bust out some awesome dance moves while in my imaginary music video in my head.

10) My tulips are poking up. Spring is almost here! 70 today. Awesome.

11) Unsure what it means when my 15 mile long run this weekend seems downright short. But hopefully a great bike ride on Sunday will compensate.

That's about it. Looking forward to another great weekend though it will be hard to top last weekend. Lots of writing, gardening, exercising and dinners with friends. My kind of days.

Hope you all have an excellent weekend.


MrsEm said...

Ringworm? What happened there?

Haley said...

Kauai!? YaY! I might havta come visit :-)

MissScientistSF said...

Em- ew, I know. We were worried (all those gross crew boys?!) but it is just that same rash you had... luckily not itchy. Luckily it is sunny and he can get some UV :)

Hales- Heck ya! I will send ya details.