Monday, June 06, 2011

Plant Madness

The cute, adorably organized, garden boxes are now unruly jungles. Not that I am not thrilled at the intense vegetation, but dang, it sorta stresses me out to see these tangles of tomatoes, curling cucumber tendrils pulling down delicate herbs, beans taller than I am. The photo above is our tomato monstrosity. There were 6 independent plants in there... now it is just a mass of greenery and fruits. It will be fun to see the different colors emerge.

I've been inventing new things for the cucumbers to climb on... and removed the poor dill that was being strangled.

Wall of beans. Already started harvesting some. Hopefully once they quit growing, as they have run out of space, they'll invest more energy in making delicious pods!

Tomato jungle. The stems on some of the plants are inches in diameter. Overwhelming!

Eaden's birthday pool party. Nothing like a mess of 2 year olds to bring a smile to your face.

Also making me happy:

1) Friday night I spent a lovely evening with some of my favorite NC ladies. Vino verde and stinky cheeses at Weaver Street and discussions all about babies (our lovely neighbor KJ is pregnant! And Amanda and Max came by for a bit for some snuggling), careers, boys, parents. I am so fortunate to have such a pack of educated, ambitious, athletic women in my life. We rallied to see the late showing of Bridesmaid and it was just a wonderful evening.

2) Saturday I was up early to ride to Saxapawhaw with some LUNA ladies. It was a great ride and I felt really strong. Mid-ride breakfast at the General Store, which is definitely in my top 5 favorite restaurants in the area.

3) Lots of good napping this weekend. I'd been up too late and up too early all week, so it felt great to snuggle with the pups and snooze for a bit.

4) Fun BBQ with science friends. The fireflies are out in full force, such a summer treat.

5) Lots of yard work on Sunday (trying to organize the mess shown above). Treated myself to a lazy swim with Deirdre at her apartment pool.

6) A bit of lab work and a lovely visit with Baby Maxwell. He is smiling now and it is just delightful.

7) Laundry, cooking for the week (CSA madness!), evening run with the pups. Frustrating a bit as I got stung by some sort of bug on the run, so long shower, benedryl and to bed.

8) But my house smells A-mazing as one of my gardenia bushes is exploding with blooms. I've been wearing them in my hair, giving them to friends and neighbors, but my favorite use are a couple blooms next to my bed. Perfection.

Busy week, I am giving a practice talk on Wednesday for my upcoming *huge* deal conference. Lots of LUNA events and working out in general. It is hot hot hot here, so swimming is my new best friend. Happy week to all of you.

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Haley said...

Awesome garden, cute pups and yay swimming! :-D Ate mass quantities of watermelon this weekend...made me think of u.