Friday, June 10, 2011


Ready for the weekend. Practice presentation went great, but some combination of nerves, too much coffee, not enough sleep, too hot weather, too many vegetables, wiped me out. Spent yesterday at home with the pups, writing and catching up on sleep.

Getting lots done today including some fun experiments for the project I will be working on the rest of my time here. UV damage is bad news!! Heading to the Carolina Inn for their Front Porch concert series after work, workouts with my "tri-team" tomorrow, bbq and babysitting Maxwell, yoga, writing, cleaning, staying cool. Wish me luck :)

Flowers are going strong. These, combined with finishing the edits on the manuscript and my awesome Gaspard et Lisa calendar are making my day.

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MrsEm said...

"UV damage is bad news!!" = sunblock!?